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Dr. Oz Interview With Steven Tyler on September 10, 2013

The flamboyant and talented rock musician Steven Tyler was a special guest on today’s (September 10, 2013) Dr. Oz episode to talk about his history of drugs and alcohol addiction.  Steven sat down with Dr. Oz to openly discuss how his life spiraled out of control and nearly cost him his career and negatively impacted his family and all those that he loved.

How Did Steven Tyler Hit Rock Bottom

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Steven Tyler talks about addiction and sobriety on Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz asked Steven if he could recall the exact moment when he hit rock bottom.  Steven Tyler responded by saying that he couldn’t recollect one specific moment where he just knew he couldn’t sink any lower.  Steven spoke about his band (Aerosmith) breaking up and wondering where it all went wrong.  Steven Tyler eventually checked himself into the Betty Ford Treatment Center and he said that their infamous clinic for treatment addiction is what really helped him to put his life back on track.

“Being Sober” Book Review

Dr. Oz also spoke with Dr. Harry Haroutunian (author of the book “Being Sober”) to talk about Steven’s time at the Betty Ford Clinic.  Dr. Haroutunian said that Steven was a dedicated patient (albeit a loud and challenging one) who really was set on getting sober.  Dr. Haroutunian said that his book talks about living life sober and that there always is hope no matter what.

Dr. Harry Haroutunian said that his book, Being Sober, is not only for addicts, but also for all those who are affected because of someones addiction.  Dr. Haroutunian said that he has dealt with a lot of addiction in his own family (including himself) so he can really relate to the toll that takes place on entire families who must experience a family member who is an addict.  Steven Tyler also wrote the foreward to this book because he was very grateful for the the help that Dr. Haroutunian gave him and he credits him for being a key contributor in helping him to transform his life.

Steven Tyler’s Message For Those Suffering With Addiction

Steven Tyler has relapsed several times over the years.  Dr. Oz asked him why this time is different.  Steven said that he can not say for sure that he will never relapse again but he is at a happy place in his life.  He is sober and doing what he loves the most (playing music for his fans).  Steven Tyler also wanted everyone to know who is suffering with addiction that there is help out there.  Dr. Harry Haroutunian also mentioned that there have been many patients who left the Betty Ford Treatment Center ready to give up on their sobriety.  He said that Steven Tyler has called many patients personally to help persuade them to change their mind.

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