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Using Hypnosis Tricks To Fight Food Cravings and Emotional Eating On Dr. Oz

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Paul McKenna’s Hypnosis Tricks To Lose Weight on Dr Oz

One of the biggest reasons people can’t lose weight is that they suffer uncontrollable food cravings during their diet.  Another hurdle that many people must overcome is emotional eating.  Many people eat to feel better about themselves, eat when they are angry, sad, or lonely.  Today Dr. Oz invited author and expert hypnotist Paul McKenna on to the show to show you how you can use hypnosis tricks to conquer food cravings and emotional eating to finally lose the weight that is keeping you from looking and feeling your best.

How Paul Mckenna Uses Hypnosis To Lose Weight

Paul McKenna is the author of the book, Change Your Life in 7 Days.  He believes that people are using the wrong methods to lose weight.  He explained to Dr. Oz that for many people struggling to lose weight is more of a behavioral and emotional issue.  He says that you can treat this through hypnosis and weight loss will come much easier.  Dr. Guy Montgomery added to the conversation that there have been studies been done that have shown participants who underwent hypnosis lost 8 more LBs than those who just made behavioral changes to their diet.

Turn Your Compulsion into Repulsion To Fight Food Cravings

According to Paul McKenna you can use 7 techniques in 7 days to help fight food cravings and change your behavioral towards food.   The first of those 7 techniques is called “Compulsion Vs Repulsion”.  He said that traditional diets that you have probably tried without success involve you depriving yourself of foods that you crave..

Paul said to first envision food that you love (chocolate, pizza, chips, etc….) and then think of a food that you can’t stand.  Then mix the two together so you will associate those same foods.  He said that using this food association techniquie can have long lasting effects.  You may need to practice this technique and use it often to help with weight loss.

Using Hypnosis To Cure Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a huge reason why diets never work.  Many people eat when they are happy, sad, or upset.  We live in a stressful world and for emotional eaters it’s nearly impossible to get through the day without emotional eating for one reason or another.  Paul McKenna explained to Dr. Oz that there is a technique that he uses that will help desensitize emotional eaters.

Paul asked a member from Dr. Oz’s audience to come up on the stage to help him with this desensitization technique.  The woman from the audience who came to the stage described her stress as being a 10 (on a scale of 1-10).  Paul performed his technique and had lowered the woman’s stress level to a two.  She felt lighter and much more calm.

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