Dr Oz, Strawberry Sangria Recipe, Motion Sickness & Sunburn Remedy

Dr. Oz Healthy Strawberry Sangria Recipe – Remedies For Sunburns, Mosquito Bites, Motion Sickness & Brain Freeze

Dr. Oz final two segments from today’s show talks about 60 second do it yourself health tests you should perform in between doctors visits as well as home remedies for common complaints.  During the final segment Dr. Oz talks about home remedies for sunburns, mosquito bites, motion sickness, and brain freeze.  He also shares a healthy and nutritious Strawberry Sangria recipe.

Motion Sickness

This is a common problem held by many that can make traveling traumatic or even prevent them from traveling at all!  Dr. Oz asked a woman from the audience named Vanessa if she thought the “fast fix” for motion sickness was either firm fitting wristbands or headbands.  She chose the wristbands and she was correct.  Dr. Oz said that acupressure bands press on the pressure points and reduce motion sickness symptoms.

Mosquito Bite Remedy

Aluminum chloride in roll on deodorant can help to reduce swelling associated with mosquito bites.

Sunburn Remedy

Dr. Oz asked Vanessa which was the fast fix for sunburn pain between witch hazel and antibiotic gel.  The correct answer is witch hazel.. Dr. Oz said that witch hazel has anti inflammatory properties to soothe the sunburn.. It also helps reduce peeling after the sunburn begins to heal.

Brain Freeze

Brain freeze occurs from drinking something too cold too quickly.  The quick remedy that Dr. Oz gave on the show was curling your tongue up underneath the roof of your mouth and then drink some warm water your brain freeze will go away quickly.

Strawberry  Sangria Recipe

Strawberries are the secret to glowing skin in the summer time.  Barbecues are a huge hit during the summertime so a delicious yet nutritious summertime cocktail would hit the spot. Here is the Strawberry Sangria recipe that they shared on today’s (July 8, 2013) Dr. Oz show.

Ingredients :

  • In a large pitcher combine fresh strawberries, a slice of orange, a slice of lemon, two shots of rum, and club soda.

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