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Dr. Oz Talks About Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Amaranth Benefits and Health Apps

During the latter segment on today’s (October 11, 2013) show Dr. Oz set up a hidden camera on the studio next door (who happens to be the show “The View”) to spy on what they were eating for breakfast each morning.  What the camera revealed was tables set up with donuts, bacon, bagels, snacks, and other foods that Dr. Oz wouldn’t approve from.  So, Dr. Oz had his staff set up a new table set up with healthier options. The cast from “The View” were definitely shocked from the new breakfast items that were offered.  Once they learned that Dr. Oz was the one who was responsible for the “change of menu” breakfast selections they were more open to the idea for eating healthier breakfasts.  Here are some of the breakfast tips that Dr. Oz shared on today’s show :

How To Avoid A Sugar Crash

After Dr. Oz’s hidden camera revealed all of the unhealthy foods that The View’s television cast and crew were eating he gave some tips on how to avoid a sugar crash.  Instead of feeling lethargic and wanting to eat more a couple hours after having breakfast Dr. Oz shared some tips on healthier alternatives that will avoid the “sugar crash” and give you energy instead!  Here are the tips that Dr. Oz shared :

  • Yogurt
  • Apples
  • Walnuts
  • Granola
  • Low fat milk
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Low at mini cheese wheels

Dr. Oz said that eating foods like those that are listed above will help to give you an energy boost in the morning without the sugar spike.  Foods like these will help to avoid those late morning sugar crashes.

s.o.s. phone apps, dr. oz

The First Aid S.O.S. phone app that is narrated by Dr. Oz can help to save your life in emergency situations.

Amaranth Health Benefits

Dr. Oz calls Amaranth a “Supergrain” and a healthy option that can be used as an alternative to wheat or oatmeal.  So, why does Dr. Oz like Amaranth so much?  It is because :

  • Amaranth is has more fiber, calcium, and protein than millet, oats, and brown rice.
  • Amaranth has the ability to lower your cholesterol

Try instilling Amaranth into your diet by :

  • Use Amaranth as a healthy alternative to oatmeal
  • Use Amaranth in place of pasta or risotto dishes

Health Related Phone Apps

New phone apps are constantly being made available. It can become overwhelming when trying to keep up with the latest and greatest phone apps that are out there. Here are a couple of apps that were featured on today’s (October 11, 2013) show.

  • Stress Check App – This phone app reads your heart rate to determine your stress level. It also gives you suggestions and tips on how to lower your stress levels
  • First Aid S.O.S. App – Narrated by Dr. Oz. It provides a step by step video narration of Dr. Oz to educate and demonstrate how you should respond to emergencies. This app could literally save your life!

provides step-by-step video narration by Dr. Oz and follow along demonstrations allowing people to quickly and confidently respond to common emergency situations with the goal of saving lives.”

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