Dr Oz, Stress Relievers : Grapefruit Juice, Lemon Balm Lip Balm, SRT

Eligible Doctors Talk About Stress Relievers on Dr. Oz on Valentines Day

Dr. Oz had a special episode on Valentines Day featuring 50 of the most eligible doctors in America.  During this segment of today’s steam episode the topic was stress and ways in which you can reduce the stress in your life so you can handle everything that comes your way with ease.  Also be sure to check out the follow up segment that featured Plastic Surgeon tips to look younger using remedies such as the Vi Chemical Peel, CoQ10 Creams, and Laser Facelifts.

SRT Test

You can’t hide from stress. Regardless of how much you try to avoid stress in your life, it will find you.  However, there are many remedies that you can do to provide relief.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Daren Newfield on to the stage to discuss this problem that affects us all.  This eligible bachelor says that he does has a special love in his life.  In fact, he has two (his dogs)!  Dr. Newfield said that you can try a simple test at home that can determine your longevity.  It is called a S.R.T. test.

So what is the S.R.T. Test?  You sit down on to the floor and and then rise to a standing position.  Sounds easy right?  Well, you have to stand up without using your hands or knees to offer any assistance.  Core strength is important and Dr. Newfield said that this exercise is a great way to measure your core strength.

Find Stress Relief By Drinking Tequila (Or Grapefruit Juice & Agave)

The next eligible physician that came to the stage was Dr. Adrian Martinez.  His way to reduce stress was passed down to him from his grandfather.  He drinks a shot of Tequila!  He was quick to point out to Dr. Oz that he doesn’t drink the whole shot of tequila at once.  Instead he sips it throughout the day.  There just might be something too this remedy because Adrian’s grandfather is now 91 years and works 6 days a week running his own business!  He doesn’t recommend this remedy to his patients.  Instead he recommends that they sip on a shot of grapefruit juice with agave (how tequila’s made).

Reduce Your Stress With Lemon Balm Lip Balm

The next stress reducing remedy that was shared is lemon balm lip balm.  This natural remedy can reduce stress in a way that is comparable to valium but without the risk of addiction.  Dr. Schottenstein said that he prefers to treat his patients with natural remedies when possible.

Belly Breathing While Singing Exercise

Dr. Calvin Peters was the next handsome (and single) physician to share his remedy on Valentines Day was Dr. Calvin Peters.  Calvin told Dr. Oz that he sings to his patients that come to see him.  He says that it helps to relax the patient and ease their stress.  He said to sing while trying to breathe with your belly to melt your stress away.
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