Dr. Oz Sugar, Salt, Fat Addiction, Food Industry Secrets

Dr. Oz Talks About Food Industry Secrets And What They Don’t Want You To Know

Do you often find yourself craving foods that are high in salt, fat, and/or sugar?  If so, you will most definitely want to tune in to the Dr. Oz February 26 2013 episode.    Dr. Oz will be inviting on guest that will be exposing secrets that the food industry is keeping from you and what they have been doing to keep you addicted to unhealthy foods.  If you find yourself suffering from uncontrollable hunger cravings, this will be a show that you won’t want to miss.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured on today’s show :

  • Food Industry Cover Up – Dr. Oz talks with Michael Moss about ingredients that are added to food to give them a longer shelf life, to add flavor and to keep you coming back for more.
  • Food Industry Secrets – Michael Moss, investigative reporter talks about his book with dr. oz and the food industry secrets that they are keeping from you.
  • Healthy Snacks and Plastic Ware Free From BPA’s – Is it ok to microwave plastic plates and cups?  Find out what snacks are free from any trans fats and hydrogenated oils.  Also find out what brands of plasticware are microwave and BPA safe.

Food Industry Secrets

Dr. Oz will be inviting on guests that will expose the hidden secrets about the food industry and how they are intentionally creating a food addiction that keeps you coming back for more.  Michael Moss will be one of the guests on the show.  Michael Moss is a reporter for the New York Times and he will be exposing the food industries dirty little secrets. Some of the secrets shocked Dr. Oz and he is furious at some of the methods that are regularly being done behind the scenes.  Dr. Oz will also be showing you how you can break this addiction to unhealthy foods  and living a healthier lifestyle.

The February 26 2013 show covers a topic that shocked Dr. Oz so he felt compelled to spend a good portion of the show talking about the food industry cover up to educate his viewers about food addiction and why we crave certain foods.  So, be sure to set your DVR’s to this shocking episode so you can be informed and take the steps necessary to protect you and your family from unhealthy practices that the food industry is imposing on innocent consumers.  In case that you won’t be able to tune in to the 2-26-2013 episode consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to review show recaps and summaries at your leisure.

Jennifer Jolly will be another guest that will appearing on Dr. Oz to talk about nutritional and weight loss tips that will help you melt away those unwanted lbs.