Dr Oz, Summertime Embarrassing Questions, Prevent Wrinkles, Sunburns, Cancer

Dr. Oz – Embarrassing Questions “Summertime Edition” – How To Prevent Wrinkles, Sunburns & Skin Cancer

One of the most popular topics on Dr. Oz over the years has been those “Embarrassing Questions that your too afraid to ask your doctor”.  On July 9th Dr. Oz invited guests on to the show to reveal their most awkward and embarrassing warm weather blunders.  Summertime is full of outdoor adventures but along with all the outdoor activities comes some really awkward situations that many of us get in to.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the summaries of the segments that were featured on today’s show! :

Embarrassing Summer Related Health Questions On Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz will be inviting on members from the audience to share their most embarrassing summertime stories..  The topics will involve awkward moments like peeing in the pool, to poison rashes “down there”.. While the conversations will be light and humorous they are all still health related questions that should be discussed openly..  Dr. Oz has a knack of taking really embarrassing health questions and making them something that makes you feel more comfortable to talk about.

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Cutting Edge Remedies To Prevent Sunburns, Skin Cancer, and Wrinkles

One of the side effects of over exposure to the sun during your summertime fun are painful sunburns, wrinkles, and an increased risk for skin cancer.  Dr. Oz will be sharing the latest cutting edge solutions to help prevent sunburns, reduce wrinkles, and lower your risk for developing skin cancer.

While your out enjoying the fabulous weather whether your out at the lake, camping, going to ball games, it’s still a good idea to protect yourself from sun.  On July 9, 2013 Dr. Oz has the solutions to help minimize those wrinkles that make you appear older than you are, reduce the sting from nasty sunburns, and to minimize your risk for dangerous skin cancers.

Guests to be appearing on the July 9, 2013 Dr. Oz episode : Dr. Justin Piasecki