Dr Oz, Sun Protection Laundry Powder, Tamanu Oil For Sunburn Relief

Dr. Oz Talks About Sunscreen Protection Laundry Powder and How Tamanu Oil Can Relieve Sunburn Pain

While you are out enjoying fun under the sun all summer long you should also be taking some protection to help keep you and your family safe from overexposure to the sun.  In the prior segment Dr. Oz talks about skin cancer symptoms and the two most common form of carcinomas.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about Sunscreen Protection Laundry Powder, Tamanu Oil, and and the Sunwise UV App can help protect you from from harmful effects from the sun as well as give you relief from sunburns.

Sun Protection Laundry Powder

Dr. Piasecki understands the fact that families aren’t going to avoid the sun and will be outdoors enjoying summertime activities. One product that he recommends to protect your family from harmful UV rays is Sun Protection Laundry Powder…  Dr. Piasecki said to :

Sun Protection Laundry Powder puts up an invisible shield into your clothing..  For example a white cotton t-shirt is only rated as a UPF 5.  Sun Protection Laundry Powder will boost the rating to UPF 30.  You simply add it to your detergent and wash your clothes as usual.  It won’t affect the coloring of your clothes or change the way that it feels. One treatment is good for several washings.

Guidelines To Follow When Choosing Your Sunscreen

  • Choose a broad sunscreen.. Look for a lotion that protects for both UVA and UVB protection.
  • Lotions that contin zinc oxide and titanium oxide reflect harmful radiation away from your skin
  • Choose a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 protection
  • Reapply sunscreen after you get out of the water or every two to three hours out in the sun

Sunwise UV Index App

Smart phone apps are very popular these days and the SunWise UV Index App is a helpful app that will tell you when the UV index is dangerously high..  All you do is input your current location and the App will keep you informed of the UV index that day..  The Sunwise UV app will give you the hourly UV index so you will know when UV levels are high and you should be using a higher strength sunscreen.Ease Sunburn Pain With Tamanu OilDr. Oz spoke with Dr. Piasecki about sunburns and what kind of treatment you should opt for in case you are suffering from a painful sunburn.  Dr. Piasecki said that Tamanu oil will give you relief and put much needed moisture back into your skin.

  • Choose 100 percent Tamanu oil apply to sunburn

You can find Tamanu oil in vitamin stores or online for approximately 12 dollars per bottle.

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