Dr Oz, Sunscreen Danger, Benzophenone, Chemical & Endocrine Disruptors

Sunscreens With Benzophenone May Be Dangerous To Your Health & Raise Cancer Risk on Dr. Oz

For years we have been told to use sunscreen to protect ourselves from the dangers of the sun. However, recent research findings may suggest that sunscreens that contain Benzophenone (an endocrine disruptor) may actually increase your risk of getting cancer.  Today’s topic affects everyone who enjoys the outdoors and routinely uses sunscreen thinking that they are protecting themselves from harmful UV rays.

Dr. Oz Talks with Dr. Arthur Perry About Chemical Sunscreens

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Perry (a plastic surgeon) on to the show to talk about chemical sunscreens and the dangers that they may impose on our health.  Dr. Perry said that many sunscreens contain chemicals that are endocrine disruptors.  So, what does this mean? Dr. Perry said that these chemicals are interfering with naturally occurring hormones in our body.  This may increase your risk for various types of cancer. In particularly, breast cancer.  Be sure to check out safe alternative sunscreens that Dr. Oz talked about during the followup segment.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Perry what other concerns does he have about these chemicals in sunscreen other than cancer.  Dr. Perry said when these chemicals get into our body it can disrupt many things.  For example the fetus may be at risk for developmental issues and low birth weight.  The chemicals can even be transferred into a mothers breast milk.  The chemicals can cause early puberty in girls as well as low sperm counts in developing boys.

Sunscreen Can Cause Affect Internal Organs

Dr. Oz performed an on stage demonstration to show how sunscreen can affect our internal organs.  You apply sunscreen topically to the top layer of your skin.  Beneath the top layer of skin are tissues that have important functions. Below the tissue are blood vessels.  Your skin acts as a protector against all of your vital organs.  Your liver, kidneys, etc…  Sunscreens can be absorbed through the skin, into the tissues, and ultimately in to the bloodstream.  These chemicals are then exposed to all of your vital organs.

Should You Stop Wearing Sunscreen?

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Arthur Perry this question.  Dr. Perry said that people should continue to wear sunscreen but we need to stop and choose the correct chemicals that we allow to be on our skin.  He said take Benzophenone for instance.  It is a chemical that is commonly used in sunscreen and it is a known carcinogen in animals.  He said that benzophenone that is not proven to cause cancer in humans but there is evidence that endocrine disruptors like benzophenone can cause cancers. Dr. Perry said that there are safe alternatives to chemical sunscreens that we can be using.

Statement From Endocrine Society

Dr. Oz spoke to the Endocrine Society about the potential dangers of sunscreen and they replied by saying that “Dr. Perry makes an important pooint… Some sunscreens are known to interfere with hormone action….could plausibly iincrease the risk of various cancers” – Thomas Zoeller

American Academy of Dermatology

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi disagrees with Dr. Perry.  She said that there are no studies done in humans that suggest that there is an increase risk for cancer.  He said that the studies that have been done have been in test tubes and animals rather than human beings.  She then went on to say that 1 out of 5 people are going to develop skin cancer in their lifetime & sunscreen is very important in preventing skin cancer.  She does not think that we should be giving people reasons not to use their sunscreen.

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