Dr Oz, Surgery For Fibroids? Coffee Enemas Dangerous? Carb Cravings

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Dr. Oz : Fibroids, Coffee Enemas, Indecisiveness, and Carb Cravings

Will you be away from the television today and will not be able to catch the Dr. Oz February 19 show?  Listed below are all of the show topics that will be featured on the program.

Do You Need Surgery For Fibroids?

Dr. Oz talks about fibroids and if you should be concerned.  He then talks about if surgery is an option to consider..  Many women are confused or uncertain about fibroids.  Are they dangerous and what sort of medical action should you take?  Dr. Oz says that fibroids are a condition that affects approximately 80 percent of women.  Dr. Oz will be explaining in detail about what fibroids are and what are the best solutions that you should take.

How To Reduce Your Risk For Fibroids and What They Are

The Rising Trend of Coffee Enemas

Have you heard of coffee enemas?  You likely have because they are a rising trend in this country.  A rising number of women are using coffee enemas for an energy boost, for weight loss assistance, and for body detoxification.  Dr. Oz will be demonstrating the coffee enema process and what is actually going on inside your body.  Do coffee enemas cause bodily harm?  Are they a long term solution?  Dr. Oz will be giving you the answers to all of these questions and more.  Dr. Oz will also be sharing natural alternative solutions for coffee enemas without the health risks that are involved with this practice.

Are You Indecisive?

Dr. Oz will be inviting Noreena Hertz (Author of the book “Eyes Wide Open”) on to todays show to speak about decision making.  How indecisive are you?  Does your decision making or lack thereof affect your every day live?  Noreena will be sharing tips on how you can be more decisive to help you along.  Dr. Oz will be sharing why being indecisive can be putting your health at risk.

Carb Cravings

Do you start craving carbs every time that you try to eat healthier?  Dr. Oz will be talking with Jorge Cruise (author of Happy Hormones, Slim Belly) on to the show to teach you how to stop carb cravings in just two steps!

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