Dr Oz, Sweet Smelling Pee Diabetes Risk, Urine Color Chart, Frequency

Dr Oz Talks About The Smell & Color Of Your Pee & What It May Mean

Today, Dr. Oz talked about those face blushing, embarrassing physical ailments that many people have but are too embarrassed to talk about.  During the accompanying segment Dr. Oz talked about what an itchy butt, hickey type bruises, and boob sweat ailments may mean along with remedies for each.  During this portion of the show Dr. Oz talked about the smell and color of your pee and what sweet smelling urine may be telling you about your health.  Also be sure to check out the follow up segment on the color and shape of your poop and the clues your bowel movements may be sending about potentially serious health conditions.

How Frequent Do You Pee?

A question that doesn’t come up too many times in casual conversation is “How many times should I pee during a day?”  While, this may be an embarrassing question to ask, it is an important one.  Your urination frequency can tell you a lot about your health.  Do you find yourself waking up several times during the night to go pee? Are you able to urinate completely without stopping before you finish?  Are you emptying your bladder completely?

Dr. Oz said that you should examine the flow and the volume of your pee when you go to the restroom.  There are several reasons why you should be taking notice to the amount and frequency of your urination sessions while in the bathroom.  If you notice that you you don’t have a good flow and that your pee is coming out in a “dribble” it could mean that you have a bacterial infection.  Dr. Oz said that about 8 ounces of your urine should come out in a steady flow.

Sweet Smelling Pee & Diabetes Risk

Do you try to smell your pee?  Probably not, but Dr. Oz says that you should!  He said that the different scents of your urine can tell you how your body is functioning.  Some scents can by symptoms of serious conditions while others are not harmful.  Dr. Oz said one of the most common scents is a sulfur type smell.  He said a sulfer smell is generally nothing to worry about and quite normal.  A smell that does concern Dr. Oz is when your pee smells sweet.  It concerns him because the sweet smell is because you have high blood sugar levels.  This could mean that you have diabetes.

Urine Color Chart

      • Tea colored – You don’t want to have tea colored pee. Dr. Oz said that dark urine could be a sign of liver disease.  The tea color could be from liver bile coming out in your pee.
      • Bright yellow – This is a color that doesn’t concern Dr. Oz at all.  When your pee is bright yellow it is because of the B vitamins that you have been consuming.  This color gives the indication that you are eating the right foods.
      • Cloudy colored pee – This could be a sign that you may have a urinary tract infection or even kidney stones.  If you have cloudy colored pee you should go see your doctor.
      • Clear color – This means that you are well hydrated and is a good color to have.  Dr. Oz said that you should be able to read a newspaper on the other side of a glass if you filled it with urine.

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