Dr Oz Swimsuit Cleanse Diet Results, Rev Up 10 Minute Workout Plan

Dr Oz Swimsuit Cleanse Weight Loss Results – How Much Did They Lose?

Dr. Oz & Dr. Caroline Apovian talked about a breakthrough weight loss strategy to lose 5 lbs in just one week.  The program consists of one day of drinking delicious swimsuit cleanse smoothies and then six days of eating a high protein diet with unlimited amounts of vegetables and fruits.  Here is the swimsuit cleanse food plan that highlights how much proteins and healthy fats you should be eating on days 2 through six.  After you lose those unwanted pounds find out the most appealing swimwear for apple, pear, strawberry, and banana shaped women! During this segment Dr. Oz invited women on to the show to share their success stories after they tried this weight loss cleanse and here is how they fared :

Jenn – Her starting weight was 166 pounds.  After 1 week she weighed 161..  Dr. Oz asked Jenn how this cleanse compares to other diets that she has tried.  Jenn said that she loved the diet and was surprised at how much food she ate while still losing weight.  She said that she was never hungry at all while on the swimsuit cleanse diet.

Lynsi – She started off the diet weighing in at 176 pounds..  After 7 days Lynsi lost 169 pounds.  She lost a pound per day while on the diet!  After Dr. Oz asked Lynsi how she felt about the diet she said that she was very surprised at how much weight that she lost.  She said that she couldn’t believe how easy this diet was because you were allowed to eat so much food.

Rev Up Workout

No diet is too good to be true, yes you are supposed to workout while on the swimsuit cleanse to lose up to a pound a day.  Dr. Oz asked fitness expert Geralyn Coopersmith how much that you need to exercise..  She said that you even as little as ten minutes of exercise per day but the secret is that it should be high intensity interspersed with lower intensity.  Dr. Oz asked the crowd if 10 minutes of exercise a day was worth getting into the swimsuit that they desire.  The entire audience was on board.  Dr. Oz gave out t-shirts that had photos of sexy swimsuits on them to inspire them as participants came to the stage to do the “Rev Up” workout with Dr. Oz

10 Minute Workout Plan

The exercise routine that Dr. Oz and guest participants included

  • Quick Feet Exercise – Run in fast fast to increase your heart rate for 30 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers – Do this exercise with moderate intensity
  • Speed Skater – Jump side to side as if you were a speed skater.  Be sure to be moving your arms as well.  Do this part of the exercise routine with high intensity.
  • Pelvic Bridge – While laying on your back with your knees bent lift your back off the ground and work your glutes
  • Quick Feet exercise – Return to the quick feet and move your feet quickly as the last exercise of the “Rev Up” workout routine.

Just 10 minutes of intense exercise can be just as beneficial as 60 minutes of exercising at a lower intensity!

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