Dr Oz, Swimsuit Cleanse Plan Lose Weight Fast & While You Sleep

Dr Oz – Try The Swimsuit Cleanse Plan To Lose Weight Fast For Summertime Fun

The weather is warming up so you know what that means…  It’s about time for fun and sun for you and the family.  However, if you still haven’t lost those holiday pounds and your starting to feel a little uncomfortable about wearing that bathing suit, Dr. Oz has a plan for you.  During today’s show Dr. Oz talks about a swimsuit cleanse that can help you lose 2 pounds during the first night alone and 5 lbs during the first 5 days of the cleanse.   This means you can drop a whole size by next weekend!  Today’s is the final day of “cleanse week” and Dr. Oz invited Caroline Apovian, author of the book “The Overnight Diet” to talk about her plan to help you melt those unwanted pounds away even while you sleep!

The Overnight Plan To Lose Weight Fast (Two LBs The First Night!)

Day 1 – On the first day of the cleanse Caroline suggests to Dr. Oz that you drink all your meals.  You should have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So basically you are drinking all of your meals.  This will help to greatly reduce bloating by getting rid of excess water weight.  This will also get your body ready to burn fat quickly over the next 6 days of the swimsuit cleanse.  Here are 4 swimsuit cleanse smoothie recipes to help you reduce bloating and prepare your body to lose up to a pound a day over the course of the diet plan.

Day 2 – 7 – After you went through a liquid diet for the first 24 hours you are then allowed to eat just about anything you want.  Nothing is off limits. Peanut butter, chocolate, etc..  You can eat all the fruits and veggies that you desire.  Days 2-7 is called the “Fat Flush”.  During these days you should have protein at every meal along with a serving of whole grains.  Here is the breakdown of what you should be eating during the “Fat Flush” phase :

Serving Guidelines

  • 3 four ounce servings of protein
  • 3 (1/2 cup) whole grain servings
  • 2 (1 cup) servings of dairy
  • 4 (1 teaspoon) servings of fat
  • 1 Small glass of wine

Now that you know what foods to eat while on 7 day diet, find out which swimsuits look best for apple, pear, strawberry, and banana shaped women. Dr. Oz talks with Stacy Cox about the most flattering swimwear for every body type and which suits to avoid!

Lose Weight While You Sleep

Dr. Apovian explained to Dr. Oz that as you get older you require more protein in your diet rather than less.  She said that people lose 1% muscle mass per year after you turn 30 years old.  As your body loses it’s muscle mass your metabolism gets slower and therefore you can’t eat the same kinds of food that you used to and still maintain your weight.  The overnight diet will help you lose fat rather than muscle.  You will greatly reduce bloating and you won’t suffer from hunger cravings.

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