Dr Oz, Swimsuits For Body Type, Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Banana Shapes

Dr. Oz Talks About Which Swimsuits Look Best For Apple, Pear, Strawberry, and Banana Body Shapes

Today Dr. Oz invited Stacy Cox (a stylist) on to the show to talk about which swimsuits look the best on women who have apple, pear, strawberry, and banana body shapes.  Stacy said that technology and science have merged to create some of the best swimsuits ever to make you look the most flattering as possible while you are out enjoying the fun, sun, and water all summer long.

Dr. Oz said that a recent poll that they performed said that women despise swimsuit shopping more than they do job hunting, dating, or even paying taxes! Here are the suggestions that Stacy Cox gave for every body type so you can enjoy the water while looking your best.

Do’s and Don’ts To Swimwear Shopping

Stacy said that more swimsuits now have built in shapers to help accentuate or minimize the areas that women are most concerned about when it comes to swimsuit shopping.  She said that there are some don’ts to be aware of while shopping that you should be aware of.

Swimsuits For Pear Shaped Women

Are you a little bigger on bottom than you are up top?  This would represent women with the Pear shape.

Pear Shaped “Don’t”

  • Avoid tie string bottoms because these types of swimsuits will accentuate the butt and this is what many pear shaped women would like to avoid.

Pear Shaped “Do”

  • A swim dress is very powerful for pear shaped women.  Stacy said that the skirting creates a flow effect and de-emphasizes your butt.  The swimsuit that a pear shaped model was wearing was a Leonisa swim dress.  Stacy suggested also accentuating the swimsuit with maybe a straw hat and some jewelry to make the look all come together.

Apple Shaped Body Body “Don’t”

Do you carry a little extra weight in the belly area?  If so, Stacy Cox said that you shouldn’t wear handkerchief tankini’s which emphasize the belly.  She said that this is great when your 12 but not for mature moms.

Apple Shaped “Do”

Stacy explained to Dr. Oz that women with an apple shaped body should look for a swimsuit that has panels that will help to give a thinner appearance around the belly midsection and create a silhouette where one may not exist.  The featured model was wearing an Anne Nicole Control Swimsuit that featured tucks and gathers in the middle and built in body slimming garments that you can’t see.

Strawberry Shaped Swimwear “Don’t”

Bonnie was the next participant who came on the show.  The showed and image of “Before” that showcased what NOT to wear.  Strawberry shaped women shouldn’t wear swimwear with thin spaghetti straps do not create nearly enough support for the cleavage area.

Strawberry Shaped Swimwear “Do’s”

Bonnie came out wearing an Old Navy Swimsuit that featured built in molded cups for cleavage support, boning on the side of the suit, and a one arm (one inch) shoulder strap for much needed support. Dr. Oz asked her how she felt and Bonnie said that normally she would only wear solid colored suits but she felt that she was able to pull off a suit with colors that had built in support like the old navy swimsuit that was featured.

Banana Shaped Women’s Swimwear “Don’ts”

Women who are banana shaped carry their weight evenly throughout.  Stacy said that you shouldn’t wear bikinis because you are carrying a little extra weight throughout the length of your body but it doesn’t create any support anywhere.

Banana Shaped “Do’s”

The featured model came out wearing a Tommy Bahama Swimsuit that was a one suit tankini with a skirt that created a flowing effect.  The top had molded cups for support, a strap around the neck, gathers and tucks that creates a thinning illusion, and controlled fabric around the belly for added support.

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