Dr Oz, Telomeres Slow Aging Process, Foods To Eat To Lengthen Lifespan

Dr. Oz Talks About Telomeres & Foods That Slow Down The Aging Process With Dr. Dean Ornish

Today Dr. Oz invited Dr. Dean Ornish on to the show to talk about telomeres and how it may be possible to halt or slow down the aging process.  Dr. Dean explains what telomeres are and the significant role that they play in how fast we age and what we can do to slow down aging.

Telomeres Slow Down The aging Process

Dr. Oz performed an exhibit on stage to explain what telomeres are and how they determine at how fast or slow that we age.  Telomeres are basically the ends to our chromosome that are similar to the plastic caps at the end of your shoelace.. Over time the caps become frayed, the cells become damaged, and then they die.  The good news is that we can do things to slow down this eventual process and can limit the diseases such as prostate cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease.

Dr. Dean explained to Dr. Oz about cutting edge new research that finds that there is a way to extend our telomeres, thus lengthening our lifespans.  The latest research findings also show that everyday stressses can shorten our telomeres as well. Dr.  Oz said that we all age at different paces but we have the power to add years to our lives by making a few simple lifestyle changes.

Ways To Slow Down Aging

Dr. Dean said that there are 4 key factors that determine the longevity of our telomeres. They are :

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Love & Intimacy
  • Mindfulness

Dr. Dean Ornish had the help of three women to test out his gameplan to lengthen their telomeres.. Here are the results :

    • The first woman named Jeri lengthened her telomeres by six percent.  Not only that but her bad cholesterol lowered 41 points and her triglyceride levels dropped by 13 points.
    • Liliana had her telomeres lengthen by eleven percent!  She also lost 15 pounds.
    • Kathy increased her telomeres by a whopping 15 percent.  She was also able to stop her insulin injections because her blood sugar lowered by 148 points!

Foods That Slow Down The Aging Process

Dr. Dean is not a big believer in diets because he said that they are too restrictive about what you can and cannot have. When you feel deprived you won’t be able to stick with the diet plan for long term.Dr. Dean suggested which foods that you should (or limit) eat for a lengthier lifespan :

    • Limit unhealthy foods like hamburgers, fried chicken, butter, etc..
    • Eat nuts & avocados
    • Eat healthy proteins
    • Eat plant based foods

Incorporating Exercise Into Your Life

Dr. Oz and Dr. Dean both agree that exercise should be an integral part to your longevity plan.  Here are some tips that they gave on today’s (July 22, 2013 show).

    • Give some one a phone call when you are taking a walk.  You will walk further without getting bored.
    • Instead of using a cart to carry your groceries to your car, carry them if feasible.
    • Instead of always taking the elevator, use the steps!

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