Dr Oz, Tens Device For Knee Pain, Arnica Gel Remedy, Ginger Tea

Pain Relief Remedies on Dr. Oz : Tens Device, Arnica Gel Treatment, Ginger Tea

Today’s show was all about remedies for nausea and hot flash treatments that work. During this segment on today’s (October 16) show Dr. Oz talks about natural knee pain remedies that work without the need of prescription medications.  Dr. Oz talks about the “Tens Device” (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Arnica Gel, and Ginger Tea to help ease knee pain in a natural way without all the side effects that pain medications may cause.

TENS Device Treats Knee Pain Effectively

The Tens Device is a little handheld device that has been used by doctors for years to treat pain.  TENS stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation” and works by sending stimulating pulses across the skins surface and along nerve strands.  The pulses ease pain by preventing pain signals from reaching the brain.

  • TENS device costs approximately 50 dollars and can be purchased online or possibly even in your local drugstore.
  • No medication needed!
  • Causes a tingling sensation in the area treated
  • Self treatment sessions will take approximately 15 minutes

Arnica Gel Natural Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain causes you to often walk around with a limp.  Favoring the knee for extended periods of time may cause the muscles around the knee to weaken and make the problem worse.  Dr. Oz said that if you experience knee pain you should treat the problem as soon as possible to keep the muscles from weakening.  He are more remedies that were talked about on today’s (October 16) Dr. Oz show :

Arnica Gel – Rub the gel on to the knee (or any other area of the body that is causing you pain) several times a day.  The Arnica Gel will help to soothe the pain.  You can purchase this gel for under 10 dollars.

Ginger Tea – Who would ever thought that simply drinking a soothing tea can also soothe knee pain.  In fact, Ginger has natural pain relieving ingredients and can provide you some much needed relief for aches and pains.  Add 1/2 teaspoon of powdered ginger to a mug of hot water.  Drink two cups of ginger tea a day for pain relief.

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