Dr Oz, Testicular Cancer Self Exam, Swollen Testicles, Hernia Risk

Dr. Oz Talks About How To Give A Testicular Cancer Self Exam

You often hear about how women should be routinely performing self exams on their breasts.  What you don’t often hear is that men should be giving themselves testicular cancer self exams every month as well.  During this segment on the show Dr. Oz talks about how to perform a self exam, swollen testicle, and and explanation of what a hernia is.

Performing A Testicular Cancer Self-Exam

Dr. Oz explained that testicular cancer is easy to detect and is curable in most cases but it’s important that routine exams are performed so the cancer can be treated as soon as possible.  Here is how Dr. Oz explained that you should do a self exam :

  • Perform the exam every month
  • You should perform the exam while you are in the shower because the warm water will loosen the skin
  • Hold the testicles in your hand
  • Using your index and third finger gently push and rub each testicle while trying to feel a lump

What If You Notice That You Have Swollen Testicles Or Protruding Veins?

If you feel a lump or abnormality it is still probably nothing to be worried about.  Dr. Oz said that temporary swelling can occur from playing sports or trauma to the genital area.  You should be concerned if there is a sac of liquid that allows light to shine through if you place a flashlight up against it.

If you notice protruding veins that look like varicose veins on someone’s legs this can be a cause for concern.  Dr. Oz said that veins like this on the testicles may affect a man’s fertility.  The good news is that this problem is fixable by a doctor.Testicular Hernia RiskHernia’s are commonly found in a man’s genital region.  It may appear as a lump on the testicle and these hernia’s should be treated as soon as possible because they have the potential to be dangerous and even deadly.

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