Dr Oz, Thermostat Temp To Lose Weight, Lack of Sleep Health Risks

Dr. Oz Talks About The Thermostat Temp To Help Yo Lose Weight & Lack of Sleep Health Risks

Could the temperature of your house have anything to do with how tight your pants are fitting?  According to Dr. Oz, maybe so!  Dr. Oz did a segment talking about how the the settings that you should have your thermostat set at at least two hours a day to help you to lose weight.  He also talks about health risks associated with lack of sleep and healthy vending machine options you should opt for when you are hungry and don’t have any healthy options within reach.

Set Your Thermostat at 63 Degrees For Two Hours A Day To Lose Weight

Is your house always warm and snug? Could it actually be inhibiting weight loss efforts?  Dr. Oz said that when your body is warm, fat just sits there in your body and doesn’t do much.  When your body gets cooler the fat begins to work to burn calories to warm you up.  Dr. Oz suggested lowering your thermostat to 63 degrees for just two hours a day during the winter to get your fat burning oven working to burn extra calories to help you lose weight.  Dr. Oz said that there was a study that was performed that shows that temperature does indeed determine how many calories are burned.

Lack of Sleep Health Risks

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?  Many people are so busy with work, kids, running errands, etc… that they aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep each night.  Lack of sleep can increase your health risks for  :

  • Sleep apnea
  • Weight gain
  • Lowered immune system
  • High blood pressure

Healthy Vending Machine Food Choices

Vending machines can be convenient when you are out running errands and you don’t have enough time to stop anywhere to make healthy food choices.  If you have to resort to a vending machine Dr. Oz shared some of the healthier options to make :

  • Search the vending machine for something with peanuts.
  • Choose a bag of baked potato chips rather than popcorn.  You will at least get some fiber from the baked potato chips
  • Fig newtons are a healthier option than sugary snacks.  You will satisfy your sweet tooth but without overdoing it.

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