Dr Oz, Thyroid Boosting Foods, Ashwagandha, Thyroid Disease Symptoms

Dr. Oz Talks About Foods To Boost Your Thyroid Function and Thyroid Disease Symptoms Checklist

Thyroid Disease is often misdiagnosed in the doctors office.. You may be feeling tired and stressed out and you (or your doctor) can understand why.  It could be that your thyroid isn’t functioning properly.  On today’s show, Dr. Oz explained why thyroid disease is misdiagnosed so often and he set forth a symptoms checklist to help give you an idea if you could be suffering from a sluggish thyroid.  Dr. Oz said that women are 8 times more likely to suffer from thyroid disease and if you haven’t gotten the proper diagnosis from your doctor you could be suffering silently.  Also be sure to check out the followup segment on the foods to eat to lower your cortisol levels to ease your stress.

Why Do Doctors Misdiagnose Thyroid Problems

Doctors often test their patients by giving their patients a TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) blood test.  Many times these tests come back “normal” when in reality they aren’t.  Dr. Oz said that what is a “normal” level for one person may not be for the next.  Dr. Oz instead of looking for a “normal” level of your thyroid hormone (.5 – 4.5+) you should be looking for the symptoms that may give you a clue that your thyroid isn’t working as it should.  Here are the checklist symptoms that Dr. Oz gave on today’s show :

  • Unexplained weight gain – If you gain more than 10 pounds in 3 months and you can’t explain why.
  • Brain fog for over 3 months
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation – Dr. Oz said that if you aren’t having a bowel movement daily even though you are getting sufficient amounts of fiber, this could be a symptom
  • Always feeling cold – First thing in the morning take your temperature.  If your temperature is under 98 degrees each day it could be a symptom of a sluggish thyroid gland.

Foods To Eat To Boost Your Thyroid

Dr. Oz said that if you have 3 or more symptoms from the checklist above you should have your thyroid levels checked.  Dr. Blum assisted him during this segment and he said that if your levels are at 3-4.5 you likely don’t need to get on thyroid medication.  Instead you may be able to eat foods to naturally boost your thyroid.  Here are the foods and supplements that were give on today’s show :

  • Brazil nuts – These help because of their high selenium content
  • Iodized salt – Rich in iodine
  • Sunflower seeds – Eat these as a snack because of their high zinc content
  • Ashwagandha supplements – Take 2-3 grams each day

Dr. Blum said that these foods aren’t an overnight fix.  You should consistently add them to your diet to help out your thyroid.

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