Dr Oz, Tiger Balm Patch For Back Pain, Bumpy Ball, Ultrasound Reviews

Dr. Oz : Back Pain Treatments Such as Tiger Balm Patches, Bumpy Balls, and Ultrasound Remedies

On June 4, Dr. Oz took an unprecedented look inside the human body to talk about the causes of back pain and what treatment options are available.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about a Tiger Balm Pain patch that you you can wear anywhere.  He also discusses ultrasound therapies and bumpy balls that can help reduce back pain in a non invasive way.  Also be sure to check out the opening segments on toda’s show, “5 diet mistakes that most people make.”

Tiger Balm Patch For Back Pain

Dr. Oz invited Peggy Brill on to the show to explain how Tiger Balm patches work to temporarily reduce pain.  Peggy said that Tiger Balm Patches work for pain by isolating the area that is experiencing pain with heat.  She said that you can purchase Tiger Balm Patches at some drug stores.  You can also order them online.  She said that if you are unable to see a physician Tiger Balm Patches are a great way to temporarily alleviate pain.

Ultrasound Treatment Eases Back Pain

Another non surgical procedure that Dr. Oz talked about uses ultrasound.  He said that ultrasound can be used to heal tissues beneath the skin.  Peggy Brill (who is an orthopedic physical therapist) said that ultrasound can also be used in combination with other procedures to effectively treat back pain effectively.

Using a “Bumpy Ball” To Treat Back Pain

Dr. Oz pointed out that his favorite back pain remedy is using a bumpy ball.  Peggy Brill said that we just like we brush our teeth on a daily basis, we should be doing maintenance on our backs as we..  She said that stretching your back can help to alleviate pain and loosen up you back muscles.  A “Bumpy Ball” is a great way for exercising the back and will help to loosen and stretch tight back muscles which may be causing you pain.  She said that the bumpy ball may also help prevent more back pain from occurring in the future.

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