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Today Dr. Oz invited Tim Tebow (sports analyst, ex NFL pro, current MLB minor league prospect) on to the show to talk about how to live for a higher purpose as well as share his fat loss tips utilizing the Ketogenic Diet plan.

Tim Tebow’s Accomplishments and Living Life With A Purpose

Tim Tebow has accomplished more things (before the age of 30) than most of us could think of doing in a lifetime.  He won the Heisman trophy in college, played several seasons in the NFL, has been a sports analyst on ESPN and is currently in the New York Mets farm system hoping for his shot to play Major League Baseball.  You could just stop right there and consider those accomplishments to be impressive and unattainable for most.  However, his accomplishments do not stop there!  He is also an inspirational speaker, a Christian role model, a motivational figure and leads by example.

Tim Tebow The Author

Did you know that Tim Tebow is also an author?  Where does he find the time to do all of this, right?  Tim has a strong desire to live a life with purpose even when you go through hard times in life.  Tim wrote the book called, “Shaken” that talks about experiences that we all face in life when we realize that everything around us has “Shaken” and seems to be fallen apart.   Tim said, it is THOSE moments where you have to answer the questions, “What do we do?  How do we handle it?”

Finding Your Identity

Many of us struggle to find our purpose in life.  Tim Tebow explained to Dr. Oz that “It’s not just circumstances that define you, it’s your identity.”  Tim said that often people believe that their identity is formed by the relationships they are in or the job that they have.  They then feel that they have lost their identity of their job is taken away or that their relationship fails.  Tim said that he encourages people to try to find a higher purpose..  To find an identity that is bigger than themselves, or what they do.  When you find a bigger identity, that is when you can live a life with higher purpose.

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