Dr Oz, Toni Braxton Interview & Her Health Secret Revealed

Dr. Oz March 25 2013 Episode Topic : Tony Braxton Interview

dr. oz, toni braxton interview

Toni Braxton Interview On Dr. Oz

On March 25, 2013 Dr. Oz will be inviting the beautiful award winning vocalist Toni Braxton on to the show to talk about her career and life changing moments regarding her health.  Toni will be discussing her life changing diagnosis and how she has dealt with her medical condition since.

Toni Braxton originally became famous for her chart topping pop hits from the 80’s and 90’s..  She went on to win six grammy awards as well as 9 billboard music awards.  Toni has been wowing audiences for years, but there has been a secret that she has kept from the public and amazingly the world wide media.  On March 25 2013 Toni will be doing a sit down interview with Dr. Oz to talk about her medical condition and her sisters will be appearing as special guests.

Toni Braxton’s Health Secret Revealed

Toni Braxton’s health condition affects millions of people around the country.  She will be talking about her heart condition and how she may even need a heart transplant.  Dr. Oz is a well renowned heart surgeon and he feels that raising help and awareness is going to help others who may be in the same situation.

What Will Toni Braxton’s Health Secret Be?  Dr. Oz will be inviting guest speakers Dr. Ramani Durvasula, and Todd Carmichael on to the show to share their medical opinions on Toni’s health condition and treatment and prevention options that are available.  Toni’s family will be sharing all of their health tips that they have been implementing into their daily lifestyles for a a healthier life.

You will even be able to see some of these lifestyle changes on their hit reality show “Braxton Family Values” that is aired on channel WeTv.

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This show was originally aired on March 25, 2013