Dr Oz, Tony Robbins Weight Loss Plan, How To Change Your Life

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Dr. Oz Talks With Tony Robbins About His Health Scare & How He Lost 40 LBS – Also Tony’s Plan To Change Your Life

Dr. Oz will be inviting self help guru Tony Robbins on to his May 22, 2013 show for a sit down interview to talk about Tony’s health scare when he found out that he had a brain tumor.  Tony Robbins will also share how he lost 40 lbs and his plan to change your life.  Tony Robbins has been changing people’s lives for years.  He is beloved for his innate ability to encourage and inspire people to reach their goals, dreams, and to reach their maximum potential.  If you are ready to see positive changes in your life this is the episode that you definitely do not want to miss.

Tony Robbins Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Dr. Oz will begin the interview with Tony Robbins on a serious not.  Dr. Oz will talk about the health scare that Tony Robbins went through when he found out he had a brain tumor.  Tony, as you know is a master of “positive thinking” and he attributes this as a big reason he was able to get through his health scare.  After finding out that he had a brain tumor, Tony Robbins gained 40 lbs.  Tony had to get serious and take heed of his own advice that he has given many of his fans.  Tony will be sharing with Dr. Oz how he lost the weight and will give advice to others who are going through a health scare of their own.

How To Change Your Life

Tony Robbins always has uplifting words of wisdom to raise your spirits and encourage you to chase your dreams.  Tony will be sharing tips on how you can change your life through positive thinking and ways in which you can change your life for the better.

Health Warnings

How do you know when you should go to see a doctor over a health ailment.  Dr. Oz will be sharing signs and symptoms that you should always be aware of..  Be sure to find out what early warning symptoms could be a signal that there could be something wrong with you health wise.  Be sure to to tune in to this segment of May 22, 2013 episode to keep you, your families, and loved ones safe.

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