Dr Oz, Toppik For Thinning Hair, Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

Dr Oz Thinning Hair and Regrowth Miracles of 2013

Today’s show was called “Dr Oz’s 13 Miracles“.  He talks about a fat burning miracle oil that will also help prevent Alzheimer’s and improve your heart health.  He also talks about the best natural tranquilizer that will help you sleep as well as calm your nerves.  During this segment of today’s show Dr Oz talks about a hair product that is giving women who have thinning hair miraculous results.

Toppik For Thinning Hair

dr oz, toppik, keranique hair regrowth treatment

Topikk and Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment For Women With Thinning Hair and Balding Areas

Dr. Oz invited on a beauty expert about a “miracle” hair product to help women who have a thinning hair problem.  Molly nover-Baker loves the product called Toppik.  It helps to battle thinning hair because of the Keratin that it contains.  Keratin naturally occurs in our hair, so what makes Toppik so unique?  Molly NOver-Baker said that Toppik has keratin fibers and proteins.  It helps to bond and thicken your hair in a natural looking way.  It helps to reduce balding and thinning areas.  You will see almost immediate results by simply spraying Toppik into the thinning areas.

Dr. Oz brought up a woman to the stage to test out Toppik live on the show.  The results were visually noticeable and quite impressive.  So is there a particular type of Toppik that you should get for your hair?  Toppik comes in 9 different shades to match your particular hair collor.  This product will thicken your hair and will help to diminish balding spots and thinning areas.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment To Stimulate Hair Follicles

While Toppik can help to diminish the appearance of balding areas, Keranique Hair Growth Treatment can help to stimulate the hair follicles and healthy hair regrowth.  Molly Nover-Baker explained to Dr. Oz that Keranique has the ingredient of Minoxidil (the only FDA approved hair regrowth ingredient).  So how to you apply Keranique and what to expect.

How often should you apply Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment?

  • Twice Per Day

How much does Keranique cost?

  • Approximately $25.00

Thinning hair can be an embarrassing problem (especially for women).  I found Keranique Hair Regrowth treatment.  Be sure to read all the reviews from women who have tried this product.  The vast majority are favorable and I think that if this is a problem that you have then this product might be worth checking into.