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Dr. Oz Talks About a 7 Day Plan For Fuller and Thicker Hair – Toppik Spray For A Woman’s Thinning Hair

Women who have hair that is thinning can be very traumatic.  When you notice hair loss in the shower or every time that you brush your hair, the mental and emotional effects can be devastating for a woman.  Today Dr. Oz addresses thinning hair for women and shared a 7 Day Plan for a Fuller Head of Hair.

Dr. Oz’s 7 Day Plan For A Fuller Head of Hair

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Candy Lewis on to the show to talk about different types of thinning hair for women.  Dr. Lewis said that the degrees of thinning hair vary greatly among women.  She said that diet plays a key role in hair loss.  She said the be sure that you are getting adequate intake of protein.  She also said that stress can cause you to lose your hair as well.  Here are the tips that Dr. Candy Lewis gave on the show to help stop thinning hair and even grow some of your hair back.  She also shares a hair product called Toppik Fiber Spray that will help to thicken thinning hair.

  1. Eat protein at each meal.  The types of proteins that were given on Dr. Oz were chicken and beans.
  2. Take a Biotin supplement.  Biotin helps to promote healthy hair growth.  Take 1000-3000 mg of biotin every day along with a multivitamin.
  3. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  Read the labels and find a volumizer that contains “Tilia Bud Extract”.
  4. Use Toppik Spray on your hair to help thicken it.

Is Sweating A Problem For You?

Dr. Oz finished the segment of today’s (February 27, 2014) episode with a topic about sweating.  For some people excess sweating can become a problem.  Here are the tips that were given on the show :

  • Wear light cotton apparel
  • Caffeine causes you to sweat more than usual.  Avoiding caffeine will help to reduce sweating.

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