Dr Oz, Tracy Anderson Body Type Tips, Omnicentric, Hipcentric, Abcentric

Dr. Oz & Tracy Anderson Talk About Body Type Tips – Are You an Omnicentric, Hipcentric, Abcentric, or Glutecentric?

Regardless of what type body type you are, celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson came on to Dr. Oz to reveal tips to help you slim down in just the right areas.  She talks about how to do targeted areas and which foods that you should be eating according to whatever body type you are.  She talks about omnicentric, hipcentric, abcentric, and glutecentric body types and why each shape should be approached differently to achieve the best results.

Abcentric Body Types

  • Carries weight in the stomach
  • Thick arms
  • Big appetite
  • Slim legs

Tracy Anderson Abcentric Body Type Tips – Tracy explained to Dr. Oz that the biggest obstacle for Abcentric body types is that they crave sugar a lot.  She did say that you can do some things to help curb your sugar cravings like :

    • Eat 4 dates each day
    • Eat one kiwi with the skin each day

Start moving for the first 10 minutes after rising out of bed.  Do standing ab exercises to strengthen your abdominal core.

Hipcentric Body Type Tips

Tracy Anderson said that hipcentric body types can be defined by :

  • Poor muscle tone in their upper body
  • Thick ankles and knees
  • Thinner wrists

Tips for Hipcentrics –  Tracy said that hipcentrics should eat cinnamon and turmeric because they are anti-inflammatory and will help you to lose weight.  You should also :

  • Eat foods that are high in lycopene like watermellon, cooked tomatoes, and asparagus
  • Try dancing for 10 minutes.  This helps you to get your exercise in but it limits the stress that you put on your joints.

What Are Glutecentric Body Types?

People who are glutecentric can be described by having these characteristics :

  • Your butt sags
  • Often have back fat
  • butt & thighs rub together
  • No apparent panty line

If you are a glutecentric person Tracy Anderson suggested that you eat anti inflammatory foods.  Try adding cinnamon or turmeric to your diet to reduce inflammation i your body.  As far as exercise goes you should do 30 standing leg lifts to work your glute muscles to pull up rather than sag down.

Omnicentric Body Types

Omnicentric body types are people that were naturally thin their entire life who never needed exercise to maintain their weight.  Then suddenly, after they are in their 40’s they begin to gain weight.  Omnicentrics can be defined as :

  • Gain weight proportionately rather than one particular problem area
  • Big arms, stomach, thighs, and butt

If you are an omnicentric person you should :

    • Eat foods that are high in tyrosine such as turkey, eggs, or seaweed (twice per day)
    • Do two five minute workouts every day.  Exercise your arms in the morning and your abs at night before bed.

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