Dr Oz, Treating Leaky Gut Syndrome, Juvenile Arthritis, Diet Guideline

Dr. Oz Talks About Leaky Gut Syndrome & Conventional Versus Alternative Treatment Methods

Today Dr. Oz talked about a mysterious illness that doctors can never seem to diagnose.  Some of the symptoms are pain in the joints, bloating, and rashes.  Doctors don’t know how to treat this illness and some have never even heard of it. However, there are some who believe that you can make changes to your diet as an alternative method to treat Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Also be sure to view the Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms and Triggers that you should be aware of.

Dr. Oz invited a woman named Susannah Meadows on to the show to talk about her son’s battle with terrible joint pain.  His doctors diagnosed her son with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.  Doctors informed them that without treatment their son would suffer permanent joint damage.  Her sister recommended that she try alternative medicine to help her son.  In the beginning, Susannah said that she was skeptical about using alternative medicine as a treatment for her son’s pain.

Susannah’s son went the conventional route and her son was put on anti-inflammatory meds (NSAIDS).  However, this treatment wasn’t successful.  In fact his juvenile arthritis began to spread.  After NSAIDS proved to be ineffective he was put on Methotrexate, which is a chemotherapy drug that has side effects that can be dangerous.  Susannah said at this point she just didn’t know what to do for her son.  She felt like she was out of options.

While Leaky Gut Syndrome is very understood Dr. Oz talked about a theory that many medical professionals believe is causing this intense joint pain, rashes, and bloating.  Dr. Oz said that intestinal damage causes bacteria and toxins to flood the body and cause the joint pain, rashes, and bloating symptoms that her son was experiencing.

Using Diet As An Alternative Treatment For Leaky Gut

Running out of options Susannah decided to try alternative methods to treat her son’s Leaky Gut Syndrome. Here are the changes that she made to her son’s diet :

Diet Guidelines

  • First she removed all gluten and dairy from his diet.
  • She keeps his sugar intake limited to a minimum.
  • Eliminated potatoes
  • Eliminated tomatoes
  • Added high doses of Omega 3’s
  • Added Montmorency cherry juice
  • Added a probiotic to take every day
  • Put her son on a Chinese Herbal remedy

Even though Susanna’s Dr. was skeptical about this approach, he still gave her the green light to give this  a try.  The first few weeks of alternative approach wasn’t revealing positive results.  Her son’s symptoms appeared to be getting worse.  At this point her Dr.  wanted her to up the dose of “conventional” medicine that she had already tried.  Instead Susannah kept her son on a low dose of conventional meds while continuing the diet.

Susannah said that at the six week mark her son got out of bed by himself and said that he no longer has any knee pain!  Susannah said that her son no longer takings any form of medication and no longer experiences any joint pain at all!  Susannah said that she can’t be certain that just the alternative diet that he was on is what cured her son’s leaky gut because he was also taking low doses of Methotrexate at the same time.  But she honestly feels it was the diet and alternative medicine that has healed her son.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan Believes All Diseases Begin In The GutDr. Oz invited a gastroenterologist on to the show (Dr. Robynne Chutkan) to talk about Leaky Gut Syndrome.  She said that Leaky Gut is becoming more common in our society.  She believes that all diseases begin in the gut.Would you be willing to try alternative methods to treat Leaky Gut Syndrome or would you stick with traditional medicine methods?

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