Dr Oz, Turbocharge Metabolism For Body Types – Apple, Pear, Box Shapes

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Dr. Oz : Give Your Metabolism a Turbo Charge For All Body Types

Dr. Oz has spoken about metabolism many times over the years on his show.  He has given tips and tricks to boost your metabolism.  However, everybody’s body is different and should be treated as such.  So on March 3, 2016 Dr. Oz talks about different types of body types and what methods work the best to turbocharge your metabolism.  He talks about the Estrogen, Type-T, Sugar and Stress body types. In the past he has spoken about the Pear, Apple, and Box body types for women and the problems that each body types encounter.  If you have hit a plateau in your weight loss efforts while someone you know keeps losing weight while on the exact same exercise / diet regime, it may be because you have different body types.  Find out what works best for YOU so you can meet and surpass your weight loss goals by turbocharging your metabolism.

Update – The show has been aired and here are links for each episode segment about body types :

Foods That Affect Your Metabolism For Pear, Apple, and Box Body Shapes

Women who have an “apple” shave have excess fat around the midsection.  Dr. Oz explains that the fat around the midsection is caused because of lower estrogen.  Stress can also be a big contributor to excess fat in the belly area.  Dr. Oz will be talking about the foods that apple shaped women and other tips to help turbocharge your metabolism.

Dr. Oz will also be talking about women who are pear shaped. Dr. Oz said for 2/3 of women, the butt is where the fat goes first when they gain weight.  He also said that “bottom fat” is the hardest to lose.  Dr. Oz will be talking about metabolism for pear shaped women.  Pear shaped women have excessive estrogen and can lead to weight in the lower hips, butt, lower belly, and thighs.  Be sure to tune in to the June 10, 2013 episode to find out what tips Dr. Oz has in store for both pear shaped and apple shaped women!

Metabolism Boosting Plan For Your Body Type

Too many exercise and weight loss programs have a broad plan for everyone.  Different body types need different strategies to burn fat and to boost your metabolism. So instead of following a broad blanket type of program find out how to maximize your time by learning how to boost your metabolism according to the shape of your body.

Special Guest on the June 10, 2013 episode : Dr. Jeffrey Morrison

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