Dr Oz, Tyler Perry Stress Tips, Fennel Seeds, Exercise, Beet Juice

 Dr. Oz Talks With Tyler Perry About Stress Tips and His Movie “The Single Mom’s Club”

Dr. Oz invited Tyler Perry on to the March 14, 2014 show to talk about his movie, “The Single Moms Club” and how he deals with the day to day stresses in his life.  Tyler Perry shares his tips on how he deals with chronic stress.  He talks about beet juice, exercising to break a sweat during bouts of anxiety, and how fennel seeds eases his stomach when he is upset.

How Tyler Perry Deals With Stress

Tyler Perry Said that he loves to fly RC airplanes when he is feeling stressed out.  He says that the activity helps him to focus on one thing and everything else seems to fade away while he is flying the plane.  Here are some of his other tips that he shared on today’s Dr. Oz ”

  • Fennel Seeds – Tyler Perry said that he is constantly on the go and lives a stressful life.  Fennel seeds help to ease stomach discomfort and you will feel relief very quickly.
  • We all feel stress and sometimes stressful situations come out of the blue and create a lot of anxiety.  When a stressful situation arises for Tyler, he exercises and breaks a sweat for 5 minutes.  In just this short amount of time, the exercise will help to greatly reduce the anxiety that you are feeling.
  • When stress is a large part of your daily life it can lead to high blood pressure.  Beet juice can help to stabilize your blood pressure in a healthy range.  Try drinking two glasses of beet juice each week.

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