Dr Oz, Ubiquinol Supplement & Benefits, Ayurvedic Skin Type Test

Ubiquinol Supplement Benefits Discussed on Dr. Oz

Today Dr. Oz talked about some disturbing studies about antioxidants and how too much many not be good for you.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about a beneficial antioxidant called Ubiquinol that doctors universally agree is highly beneficial to your health.

Ubiquinol Increases Your Energy

Traditional doctors as well as alternative medicine practitioners agree that Ubiquinol provides many benefits for your health.  Dr. Oz said that Ubiquinol is found all throughout your body, but as you age the levels decrease.  Ubiquinol is an antioxidant that is produced naturally in the body and can provide the following benefits :

  • Increases energy
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers cholesterol

Ubiquinol Dosage Recommendations

Dr. Oz said that Ubiquinol is hard to get through the food that you consume.  He said that you would have to eat 8 pounds of peanuts or 7 lbs of beef daily to get the amount of Ubiquinol that you need as you get older.  Because our levels of Ubiquinol decline as we age supplementation is the best option.  Here are the recommendations given on the show.

  • Take 100 milligrams per day
  • Take with a meal because fat helps to absorb the Ubiquinol
  • Can be purchased Ubiquinol online or in many health food stores
  • Cost is approximately $15-20

What Is Your Ayurvedic Skin Type

During the next portion of the segment Dr. Oz invited Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary on to the show to talk about Ayurvedic medicine and how you can treat skin conditions.  She said that many times skin conditions are caused by your digestive system.  Here is the quiz to help you determine your Ayurvedic skin type :

The Color Of My Skin Is :

  1. Pale, whitish
  2. Pinkish
  3. Darker than my ethnic type

My skin is generally :

  1. Rough – This is often attributed to dehydration and nutrition
  2. Soft
  3. Plump

My skin sometimes experiences :

  1. Scratches, bruises, and lines
  2. Pink breakouts, allergies, freckles
  3. Skin eruptions, oily skin

Skin problem triggers :

  1. Stress or anxiety
  2. Trauma
  3. Not washing enough

Skin problems occur during :

  1. Cold or windy weather conditions
  2. When it’s hot
  3. When it is cool and damp

How To Score Your Aryvudic Skin Test

Your “Dosha” or skin type :

    • If you mostly answered #1 on the questions above you are a Vata
    • Mostly answered #2 means you are a Pitta

If you mostly answered #3 means your a Kapha

So, now that you know what skin type that you are, here are the foods you should be eating for Pitta, Vata, and Kapha skin types.

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