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Dr. Oz August 26, 2013 Program – 4 Must Haves In Your Grocery Cart – Polenta Pizza Crust, Babybel Cheese, Kale, Buckwheat Pasta

While it would be nice to have Dr. Oz right by your side while you went shopping for groceries.  While, this isn’t quite possible on August 26, 2013 Dr. Oz revealed some of his favorite items to add to your shopping cart.  While understanding that most people aren’t going to give up pasta, pizza, etc… he shared some great alternatives that will allow to enjoy all your favorite meals in a much healthier way.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks his ultimate grocery list that includes a polenta pizza crust, kale (one of his favorite vegetables), buckwheat pasta, and babybel cheese as foods that you should try adding to your cart the next time that you are out at the grocery store.

Kale & Pomegranate Juice Burns Fat

During the first segment (on August 26, 2013) Dr. Oz talks about his “ultimate health food store list”.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about foods that you should be adding to your grocery cart.  He starts out on his wish list in the produce section.  While all kinds of vegetables are good for you there are a few that can help you to burn fat as well!  Fat around the midsection is often caused by stress (the stress hormone cortisol causes this).  An excellent way to lower your stress hormones is through your diet. Here are the veggies that Dr. Oz recommended on the show :

Kale – This “super vegetable” is loaded with nutrients.  Try eating 1/2 cup of kale every day.  Dr. Oz made the suggestion to use kale as an alternative to salad. You can even bake kale and eat it as an alternative to potato chips!

Pomegranate Juice (Choose the unsweetened) – Antioxidant rich fruit that reduces inflammation including bloating!  Dr. Oz said to drink 8 ounces of pomegranate juice each day to reduce bloating.

Mini Babybel Light Cheese & Buttermilk For Butt Fatt

For many people who gain weight the first place the fat arrives is in the butt region.  The bad news is that butt fat is also difficult to get rid of.  Dr. Oz said that your butt holds on to it’s fat and the problem is even exaggerated if your estrogen levels are high. The calcium in dairy products can help with this.  Here are the suggestions for butt fat that Dr. Oz gave during the August 26, 2013 episode :

Mini Babybel Light Cheese – Packed with calcium and are a great “on the go” snack to turn to when you get hungry in between meal. So wouldn’t any cheese do?  Dr. Oz said that Mini Babybel Light Cheese has 25 percent fat than cheddar cheese so this would be the healthier choice.  You can find Mini Babybel Light Cheese for only about 5 dollars (which contains 6 wheels of cheese)

Buttermilk – Just the name “buttermilk” makes you think that it’s fattening right.  Dr. Oz said to not let the name lead you astray.  Buttermilk gets it’s name because it’s what is left over from the butter making process.  Buttermilk doesn’t actually contain any butter at all.  Dr. Oz gave the suggestion of having 1 cup a day of butter milk in place of sour cream or mayo.  He also said that using buttermilk on salads is a much healthier option than traditional salad dressings.

Choose Buckwheat Pasta Over Whole Grain Pasta

Buckwheat pasta is an even better option than whole grain pasta!  Buckwheat pasta is high in protein and has heart healthy benefits as well.  Dr. Oz likes buckwheat pasta because the high protein/fiber factor.  It will move through your system longer so you will stay full and satisfied. You can get buckwheat pasta for approximately 3 bucks a box.

Polenta Pizza Crust For “All Over” Body Fat

While some people have locational body fat on their body others have excess fat that is spread proportionately.  Dr. Oz said that for people with all over body fat, they key is to give your metabolism a boost and eat foods that will keep you feeling full.

Polenta – Polenta is made of corn meal and is a complex carbohydrate.  You can make polenta into a pizza crust that is actually healthy!.  You can make it into a pizza crust, eat it as oatmeal, or  a large variety of other ways.  You can find polenta for about 3 dollars per box.

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Guests to be appearing on the Dr. Oz August 26, 2013 episode : Dr. Phillip Blanc, Lisa Lee Freeman, Samantha Heller