Dr Oz, UltraSimple Diet, Elimination Diet 5 Day Cleanse, Food Allergy

Dr Oz Talks To Dr. Hyman about The Ultra Simple Diet and Using the Elimination Diet To Diagnose Hidden Food Allergies

Do you always feel lethargic throughout the day?  You get  enough sleep at night but your still tired, achy, and just not feeling right?  Today’s show was about food allergies and how you can diagnose allergies that may be dragging you down.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Mark Hyman (author of The UltraSimple Diet) to explain how you can remove “trigger foods” and find out what you shouldn’t be eating.  It’s easier than you think to figure out the food sensitivities that your body as allergic too!

Preparation Before You Begin The Elimination Diet

Step #1 : Remove coffee from your diet and replace it with low caffeine Green Tea

Step #2 : Remove junk foods like candy bars and replace them with healthy snacks like berries.

Grocery List Of Foods You Need For The Elimination Diet

  • Salmon
  • Chicken
  • Brown rice
  • Green veggies
  • Berries
  • Brown rice cereal

5 Day Elimination Diet Cleans

The Elimination Diet 5 Day Cleanse’s first step is to include all of the foods that have a very LOW chance of causing any allergies in people.  Here is the  breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and snacks) that should be eaten during the 5 day cleanse.

  • Breakfast – Green tea, berries, pumpkin seeds, and brown rice cereal
  • Snack – Veggie broth, almonds (just a small handful), and an apple
  • Lunch – Chicken (or fish), brown rice, vegetables
  • Snack – GreenTea, a few almonds, berries, vegetable browth
  • Dinner – Fish (or chicken), veggies, and brown rice

Not only will this diet give you an idea if you have food allergies, you will also lose weight!  Dr. Oz spoke with two women who tried Dr. Mark Hyman’s 5 day allergy cleans and they had great results.  One woman said it was hard to stick with the diet at first but became easier.  She said that her skin rashes disappeared.  She even lost more than a pounds a day over the course of the diet!  She lost 7 pounds in only 5 days!  So this 5 day cleanse not only helps to figure out the foods that are draining your energy levels you also will lose weight (which will give your confidence levels a boost!)

How To Diagnose The Foods That You Are Allergic To

Reintroduction phase – Step #3 is reintroducing foods into your diet one by one.  After the 5 day cleanse the side effects of food allergies should be removed.  Here is how you should introduce foods back into your diet :

  • Choose one food that you eat regularly and eat it with each mean (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for 2 days.  If you notice that you are feeling lethargic or your allergy symptoms (like skin rashes for instance) are coming back this is a sign that you are allergic to that  particular food.
  • Continue this step by reintroducing other foods in two day increments.  This is a a good way to diagnose which foods that you are allergic or sensitive to.  If you find a food that you notice is making you feel bad try eliminating it from your diet.  Dr. Hyman said that you can introduce the food after 3 months.  If the food still makes you feel bad you should consider eliminating it from your diet.

Note : A good food to start with during the reintroduction phase is corn because many people have corn allergies and don’t even know it.  Try corn nuts, corn on the cob, corn flakes, etc…..

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