Dr Oz, Using Laxatives For Weight Loss, Risks Of This Dangerous Trend

 Dr Oz January 29, 2013 Episode About The Misuse Of Laxatives As A Weight Loss Aid

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Laxative Abuse and Dangers Discussed on Dr. Oz

Most people are familiar with what laxatives are and what they are intended to be used for but some people are abusing laxatives for the purpose of weight loss.  This disturbing trend has alarmed Dr. Oz so his January 29, 2013 episode will discuss the risks and dangers involved with using laxatives as a weight loss aid.

Dr. Oz’s show will feature women who have abused laxatives and some of the footage promises to be shocking.  Find out how far women will go to be thin and what risks to their health they are willing to take.  How dangerous are laxatives when they are misused? Be sure to tune in to Tuesday’s January 29, 2013 episode to find out.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the organ damage risks and laxative abuse warnings that Dr. Oz talked about on today’s show.

Would You Consider Using Laxatives For Weight Loss?

Dr. Oz will be talking to several women who continuously abuse laxatives to try and gain some insight on this abuse that seems to be flying under the radar.  He will talk to one woman who started taking laxatives when she was 260 pounds.  She abuse laxatives to the point to where she is bone thin and dropped her weight to a shocking 78 pounds.

Be sure to tune in to this disturbing episode to learn about an addiction that people rarely talk about.  Learn about the dangers of losing weight in this method and what you can do if you know someone who  is addicted to losing weight using methods that are not healthy.

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