Dr Oz, Using Someone Else’s Toothbrush, Borrowing A Razor – Bad Habits

Bad Habits : Dr. Oz Discusses Using Another Person’s Toothbrush, Drinking From a Jug, and Borrowing Razors

Some of these bad habits may not be easy to admit but many of us have been on a trips or in a hurry and we have at one time or another borrowed somebody’s toothbrush or razor.  Other’s have opened the refrigerator and taken a swig from the milk or orange juice container.  While all of these bad habits may not seem sanitary, can they also be unhealthy?  During the closing segment on today’s show Dr. Oz talks about unhealthy and gross habits that are quite common amongst households all across the country!

Is It Ok To Ok Your Husband’s Razor?

Dr. Oz opened this segment by showing video tape of wives doing to some secretive yet unhealthy habits.  The first clip was a woman that borrowed her husband’s razor to shave her legs.  So is this an ok practice to do if you are out of your own personal razors?  Dr. Oz said that you shouldn’t do this unhealthy habit because a man’s razor blade is made sharper for a reason.  He said that the blade is designed to cut of the top layer of their skin.  The result is more than a clean and smooth shave for hubby.  The razor also will contain bacteria from his face so Dr. Oz said to try and stick to using your own personal blades when you shave.

Is It Ok To Use Your Husband’s Or Wive’s Toothbrush?

While this may be considered to by kind of gross to most people, is it also unhealthy?  Dr. Oz said that this really can’t be considered an unhealthy habit because you are already exchanging kisses (and germs) with your husband or wife anyway.

Is It Unhealthy To Drink From A Container Out Of The Fridge

Drinking straight from a container is considered gross by most, Dr. Oz said that if a family member takes a drink from the fridge it isn’t unhealthy, but may gross out your family.  He said that if you must take a drink from a container you should wipe off the lid.  I’m going to have to disagree with Dr. Oz on this one!  It just seems like an unsanitary thing to do!