Dr Oz, UTI Prevention & Remedy, Symptoms: Pee That Smells, Pain

Dr. Oz Talks About UTI Prevention and Symptoms To Look For

One of the segments on today’s Dr. Oz episode was about UTI (urinary tract infections) and the symptoms you should be looking out for.  While a dipstick urine test can tell you for sure if you have a UTI there are also symptoms that can be likely indicators.  Dr. Oz also shares prevention methods so you greatly reduce or eliminate UTI’s in your life!

Can You Prevent Urinary Tract Infections From Occuring With Cranberry Juice?

Most people have heard that cranberry juice can help prevent or treat UTI infections.  Dr. Oz said that this common belief is absolutely true.  Cranberry juice is a great prevention method to keep an infection from occurring.  He said that if you do get a UTI you it only takes a small amount of cranberry to provide relief.

Another good old fashion remedy is making sure that you drink plenty of water!

What Causes Urinary Tract Infections?

Dr. Oz performed a demonstration to explain why people (mostly women) get UTI’s.  He said that the biggest culprit is E.Coli bacteria getting in to the urinary tract.  For some women the infection can be triggered by having sex.  It can also take place if you have poor hygiene habits.  If you notice a UTI coming on make sure that you drink a lot of water to help flush the E.Coli out of your body.  If the E.Coli has time to stick around inside your body for too long it can trigger a full blown UTI and you do not want this.  The infection can spread into your kidneys and cause a lot of problems (and pain!) In extreme cases it can also spread to other parts of your body.  UTI infections can become dangerous if it gets out of control.

UTI Symptoms

Dr. Oz shared 4 symptoms that you should pay attention to :

Urgency to urinate – If you feel the need to pee more often this can be a symptom to alert you that a UTI could be ready to flare up.

Painful urination – You may feel a burning sensation when you pee.

Pee that smells – The bad bacteria that is causing the infection can emit foul smelling odors.

Pink urine – UTI’s can cause inflammation and irritation.  This can lead to bleeding.Are you a fan of Dr. Oz but unable to view his show regularly?  Consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view daily show recaps and summaries.