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Vaginal Itching Remedies & Probiotics

Today Dr. Oz talked about male a female doctors and why female physicians may be able to relate with women with feminine health issues.  During the opening episode segment Dr. Oz talks about alternative ways to treat PMS and when you should go see an OBGYN and when you should see a gastroenterologist.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about the causes of vaginal itching and how vaginal probiotics can be an effective remedy to treat these symptoms.

Causes Of Vaginal Itching

Do you have a male doctor but feel too embarrassed to talk about feminine issues like vaginal itching?  Dr. Oz said that some women feel more comfortable talking with a female doctor about personal health issues like this.  Dr. Jennifer Landa said that it’s important that you disclose all of your symptoms such as vaginal itching to your doctor so they can make a proper diagnosis.  She said that doctors have seen or heard just about everything already so your not going to be revealing information that they haven’t already heard before so try not to be embarrassed to talk about embarrassing health ailments no matter what they may be.

Dr. Oz talked to one woman who said that she experiences vaginal itching and was curious as to why this happens.  Dr. Jennifer Landa said that this is a problem that many experience from time to time.  Doctors will first want to rule out yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis as the cause of the itching. However, other reasons can cause vaginal itching as well such as panty liners that contain perfumes and/or dyes.

Remedies For Vaginal Itching

Vaginal Probiotics – Dr. Jennifer Landa said that a woman’s PH often changes during the course of their menstrual cycle.  Probiotics give your body healthy bacteria and will help to improve your body’s PH.

Breathable Panty Liners – Dr. Landa recommended wearing breathable panty liners as a remedy for vaginal itching.  She said to choose underwear that is unscented and without any dyes.

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