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Dr. Oz Talks About At Home Treatments For UTI Relief and Vertigo Technique

Today Dr. Oz shared techniques and treatments for vertigo and UTI’s (urinary tract infections).  UTI’s are very common for women and can become serious if untreated.  Dr. Oz talks about why people get UTI’s and how you can lower your frequency and find relief from the pain.  He also talks about a technique that you can do at home to treat your vertigo.  Here are the summaries of these topics that were discussed on the show :

What Causes Vertigo?

Dr. Oz performed one of his infamous demonstrations to help the audience and viewers understand a medical condition that affections many people all throughout the world.  Vertigo makes you feel off balanced and disoriented.  The reason why this occurs is that your brain is getting mixed messages.  This can make you feel dizzy and a spinning sensation.  Vertigo is more common in older people because of the increased amount of calcium in the brain.

Technique On How To Find Relief From Vertigo

  1. While standing up straight face your head forward
  2. Lower your head to the left
  3. Now lower your heat to your right
  4. Lower your head to your chest

Following this technique can help to dislodge the calcium stones that are causing the dizziness, spinning, and disorientation and all them to return to where they belong.

The Causes Of UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)

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Baking Soda Treatment can help to provide relief from UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections)

Many people have experienced painful UTI’s but are unsure why they keep getting them.  Urinary Tract Infections occur more often in women and the pain can go from being “uncomfortable” to a severe burning sensation.  Dr. Oz said that UTI’s are caused by bacteria in the bladder that is spread to the kidneys.  The infection can also cause back pain.  A UTI can become more serious when it spreads to other areas in your body.. UTI’s can cause increased heart rate and breathing difficulties.  If you experience these symptoms contact your doctor immediately.

Baking Soda UTI Treatment

If you can a UTI at the very beginning stages you can treat a UTI at home.  Dr. Oz said that you can try the following Baking Soda treatment at the very beginning stages of a UTI. However, if you are feeling burning and back pain you should be treated by your physician. Here is the baking soda treatment that was shared on today’s (October 17, 2013) episode :

  • Add 1/4 tsp of baking soda to 8 oz glass of water
  • Drink the water/baking soda mixture down. This causes the environment inside your body to become alkaline.  Harmful bacteria does not like an alkaline environment and can’t spread under these conditions.

UTI Prevention Tips

  • Drinking cranberry juice really does work!
  • Wipe from the front to back

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