Dr Oz, Vi Chemical Peel, CoQ10 Cream, Laser Facelift

Plastic Surgeons Share Cutting Edge Skin Treatments To Look Younger : Vi Peel, CoQ10 Creams, Laser Facelifts

Dr. Oz brought 50 eligible doctors on to the show for Valentines Day..  All single, all good looking, and all with PHD’s!  Be sure to check out the prior segment for tips on how to reduce your stress to help you handle all of life’s obstacles that may come your way.  During this segment Dr. Oz talked to some of “hottest” and single Plastic Surgeons on the planet to talk about the Vi Chemical Peel, CoQ10 Antioxidant skin creams, and laser facelifts that will help you to look younger and give you a big boost of confidence.

Vi Chemical Peel

Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz was the next young and eligible doctor to grace the stage with Dr. Oz on Valentines Day to talk about the Vi Chemical Peel that he often suggests to his patients.  He said that he frequently has women come in to his office wanting to look younger.  He suggested the Vi chemical cream and it doesn’t take a doctors visit at all!  The Vi Peel can be purchased over the counter.  He said that the Vi Chemical peel is low risk and gives excellent results!  The cost of the Vi Chemical Peel costs approximately 300 dollars but is cheaper than having a plastic surgery procedure done.

CoQ10 Antioxidant Cream

Dr. Oz talked to another plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Robert Morin.  He said that CoQ10 antioxidant cream is an excellent way to improve your appearance and look younger.  Dr. Morin said that CoQ10 occurs naturally in the body.  You can take CoQ10 supplements and you can buy CoQ10 creams in drug and health stores as well.  Dr. Morin said to see best results you should look for the highest strength CoQ10 cream that you can find.  You can apply the CoQ10 cream 3 times per day.

Laser Facelifts To Slim Your Face and Firm Your Skin

Dr. Diktaban talked about a revolutionary cutting edge treatment called a laser facelift.  He explained to Dr. Oz that a laser facelift will essentially melt away fat underneath the surface of your skin.  It will also heat up the surface of your skin to tighten and firm.  He compared it the procedure to shrink wrapping your face!  This treatment is minimally invasive and doesn’t require any downtime (or scalpels!)

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