Dr Oz, Vitalicious Vitabrownie, Magnesium Is A Fighter, Camu Berry

Today’s January 8th Dr. Oz Show In Review :

Just in case you missed today’s 1-08-2014 show, here are recaps and summaries of each episode segment.

Green Bananas Fight Fat and Smoothie Recipe – Dr. Oz talks about the fat burning powers that green bananas have and how to pick out the right ones at the grocery store.  Dr. Oz also shares a green banana smoothie recipe that will help you to lose fat. lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and just in general….. feel great!

Green Banana Smoothie Recipe, Reduce Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk

3 New Years Resolutions That Women Should Be Making

Dr. Oz talks with women about New Years Resolutions that will not only make you healthier in the upcoming year, but will also add many years to your life!  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about the Omron blood pressure monitor and the importance of women monitoring their blood pressure regularly.  He also talks about the amount of sleep that you should be getting to add years to your life.  Dr. Oz gives his low dose aspirin recommendations for women.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, Aspirin Dosage, and Sleep recommendations

21 Day Guide To A Flatter Belly

Dr. Oz talks about how you can flatten your tummy in only 21 days.  Dr. Oz invites Liz Vaccariello on to the show to talk about her “21 Day Tummy” book as well as share some of her tips.  She talks about the importance of “skinny bacteria” and how magnesium can help your body to fight fat and keep your belly trim and slim.  She also talks about why red quinoa will help to keep you feeling full and flatten your belly. Ginger and maple elixir recipe.

Dr. Oz also talks about the super anti-oxidant powers of camu camu.  He also gives camu camu supplement recommendations and review.

21 Day Tummy Book, Flatten Your Stomach Tips

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