Dr Oz, Vitamin C Topical Skin Cream Repair For Wrinkles, Age Spots

Dr Oz : Skin Repair Products – Vitamin C Topical Skin Cream & Serums

Today’s Dr. Oz episode was all about skin care repair and how you can look 10 years younger without resorting to plastic surgery.  Who wouldn’t want to look an entire decade younger right?  Dr. Oz invited leading experts such as Dr. Shirley Madhere, Dr. Leif Rogers, and Dr. Erin Gilbert talk about their skin care secrets to take 10 years off your appearance and help bring back that youthful glow of yesterday!  On August 5, 2013 leading plastic surgeons will be admitting their secrets about how you do not have to go under the knife or use painful chemical peels to look 10 years younger!  Also be sure to check out the followup segment when Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Rogers about how phytoceramides can help to restore skin elasticity and repair damaged skin.

Vitamin C Skin Creams

Vitamin C Skin Creams – As we age our skin loses it’s elasticity and firmness.  Dr. Oz brought out Dr. Shirley Madhere & Dr. Leif Rogers to talk about the #1 secret ingredient that they both agree about and that is Vitamin C topical creams and serums.  Dr. Leif Rogers said that Vitamin C is in your skin in plentiful amounts when you are young.  He said that vitamin C is critical in collagen synthesis but as we age we lose Vitamin C in our skin.  We also suffer from UV ray damage from the sun over the years.  The result of this is lower skin elasticity, dryer skin, and wrinkles.  Dr. Rogers said that the secret is restoring vitamin C to your skin with topical Vitamin C lotion treatments.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Shirley Madhere how long people should expect to see results from Vitamin C skin creams.  She said that some people can see positive results in only 2 to 4 weeks.  She said for other people it can take 6-8 weeks.  She said the maximum effects can be seen in about 6 months, so this isn’t an overnight fix but an effective long term one.

Dr. Oz performed an on stage demonstration on why Vitamin C plays a critical role in the the appearance and health of your skin.  When you are young your skin is full of elasticity and is taut.  Two women were jumping on trampolines to demonstrate this difference between young and older skin.  The first trampoline allowed the woman to jump on it and it would always return to it’s original shape.  The second woman jumped on the trampoline that represented older skin..  The trampoline didn’t return to it’s original shape because it was much looser and had strings (representing collagen) that were broken.  As we get older our skin acts in a similar fashion.  It gets looser because our collagen decreases as we age.  The result is looser skin that is more susceptible to wrinkles.

Dr. Shirley Madhere also said that Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that can help to reduce, diminish, and prevent age spots from occurring on the skin.  Age spots are often the result of skin damage from UV rays and topical vitamin c creams are a great way to reduce the appearance of those dreaded age spots that can make you look older than what you really are!  Dr. Madhere said that vitamin c serums are not a sunscreen but they do repair skin damage from uv rays.  You should still wear sunscreen even if you decide to try a Vitamin C cream for more healthy and youthful looking skin.

Can Younger Looking Skin By Just Eating Vitamin C?

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Leif Rogers this question and he said that while it is important to consume vitamin C into your diet for many health reasons, not nearly enough vitamin gets into the skin to repair age and sun related skin damage.  he said you get 20 times the amount of vitamin C into your skin when you apply a topical cream or serum.  Dr. Oz asked Dr. Rogers what you should look for when purchasing a vitamin C product.  Dr. Rogers said that you should look for “ascorbic acid” on the label.  He also said that since vitamin c is an antioxidant it will oxidize in light so you should buy a product that comes in a dark and air tight bottle.  You should also store the vitamin C lotion in a dark place.

Can You Mix Vitamin C Creams With Other Skin Care Products?

Yes..  Dr. Oz asked Dr. Madhere this question and she said that Vitamin C works very well with retinol creams as well as alpha hydroxy creams.  In fact she said that alpha hydroxy creams exfoliate the skin which helps absorb the vitamin c even better!

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Guests To Be Appearing on the Dr. Oz August 5, 2013 Episode : Dr. Shirley Madhere, Dr. Leif Rogers, and Dr. Erin Gilbert