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Is Vitamin Injection Therapy Safe?

Many people who struggle through the day feeling fatigued and run down are resorting to measures that some feel as extreme.  Today Dr. Oz invited on Dr. Pericles Lantz to talk about high dose vitamin injection therapy and if it is a safe and effective therapy for the public.  Many people who receive the injections claim that feel better and believe that it is beneficial for their health.  Today Dr. Oz and Dr. Lantz debated this topic and listed below are some of the topics that appeared during this segment.

The Myers Vitamin Cocktail For Energy

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Dr Oz Talks About Vitamin Injection Therapy

Dr. Pericles Lantz routinely prescribes the “Meyers Vitamin Cocktail” to his patients which is a vitamin injection that consists of Magnesium, Calcium, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C. Many of his patients swear by this intravenous form of vitamins infusion. They think that this vitamin cocktail keeps them from getting sick of fills them with energy that keeps them going all day long.

Dr. Lantz explained to the viewers that vitamins are critical to our health and outside factors such as stress depletes the body of vitamins that are key to our well being.  He says that we need to replace the vitamins that are being depleted if we want to maintain our health.  Dr. Lantz says that when you receive a vitamin injection your body absorbs the vitamins almost immediately.  When you take vitamins in pill form or if you get them from your food the vitamins are absorbed much more slowly and you may not even be absorbing all the vitamins that you think that you are.

Which Is Better? Pills or Injection?

Dr Oz performed an exhibit demonstrating the difference between taking pills versus injection.  Dr Oz said that the absorption process takes such a long time that you likely aren’t receiving all the vitamins that you think.

What concerns Dr. Oz is that our bodies are naturally designed to absorb vitamins slowly.  A typical Vitamin C injection can contain as much as 118 times the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C.

However, when you receive vitamins through an injection, it is absorbed almost immediately into your bloodstream.  This allows your body to use the vitamins very quickly.  Dr. Lantz agrees with Dr. Oz that our bodies are designed to absorb the nutrients we consume at a slower rate but there are so many people who aren’t getting the vitamins that they need from just their diet.  He says that too many Americans are vitamin deficient and taking vitamins through injections is one way to alleviate this problem.

Who Should Get a Vitamin Injection?

Dr. Pericles Lantz says while the dosing level should be personally tailored to each patients needs, any person would be a good candidate to undergo vitamin injection therapy.  He says that the injections are safe for everyone.

On the other hand, Dr Oz said that he has struggled with this topic.  He says that he feels that for people who are vitamin deficient, this form of therapy may be beneficial.  He thinks that people who are not vitamin deficient should be getting most of their vitamins and nutrients from eating healthy.  He believes that a daily vitamin is helpful to make sure that people are getting a wide range of vitamins, but he doesn’t feel that Vitamin injections are needed for otherwise healthy people who eat a nutritious diet.