Dr Oz, Overdosing On Protein? Fecal Transplants & Wacky Health Trends

Dr. Oz Talks About Wacky Health Trends – Which Health Trends Work & Which One’s Don’t!

We live in the internet age where there is an unlimited amount of information circulating through cyberspace 24/7.  On May 17, 2013 Dr. Oz will be talking about the wackiest health trends that people are trying for better health, weight loss, and even for vanity purposes.  Dr. Oz will be talking about the “purple diet” and if it is safe to eat only purple color foods.  Dr. Oz will also be talking about fecal transplants and why people would even consider having this procedure done.  Is there any benefits to getting a fecal transplant and is there dangers to getting this unusual treatment done?  Be sure to tune in to the show to find out!  In case you won’t be able to tune in to this episode consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view show summaries and recaps so you won’t miss out on any of the info shared on the program. Also to be appearing on this program will include :

Could You Be Consuming Too Much Protein?

Could you be overdosing on too much protein without even realizing it?  Dr. Oz will be giving a new recommendation on how much protein you should be eating during the course of a day.  New data is suggesting that you may need to reduce the amount of protein that you are consuming.  Take the “protein test” to find out if you are eating too much.  Find out the hidden sources of protein that may be causing to have too much in your diet.

Do Vibrating Exercising Machines Help You Lose Weight?

One of the whacky health trends that Dr. Oz will be talking about is a vibrating exercise machine that says that it can help you to lose weight. Could this wacky weight loss health trend be too good to be true?  Dr. Oz will review the vibrating exercising machine and will be giving his opinion on whether this is a good investment or whether you are just throwing your money away.  Before you spend money on the latest health trend that may be delivering empty promises find out which of the latest trends really do work, and which trends are a scam!