Dr Oz, Wasabi, Banana Split, Shepherds Pie, Mac n Cheese Recipes

Wasabi Recipes For “Circle” Body Type – Low Calorie Banana Split and Mac and Cheese Recipes

So, now it is December 26 and you may have noticed that your clothes are fitting just a tad bit more snug since the beginning of the Holiday season.  With Christmas cookies, pies, big family dinners, and the wonderful smells that infiltrating all throughout the house, you may have lowered your threshold for making healthy eating decisions!  While the treats may have been delicious it also leaves a feeling of guilt whenever you step on to the scale after the Holiday Season has ended.  The good news is that New Years is right around the corners and new resolutions will be made!  Today’s show featured some low delicious low calories alternative recipes for banana splits, shepherds pie, and macaroni and cheese recipes!  Dr. Oz also does a segment talking about body types and the types of food that you should be eating according to your body type.  Here are segments that were featured on today’s (12/26/2015) Dr. Oz.

Wasabi Lowers Your Risk For Cancer and Is Recommended for “Circle” Body Types

Dr. Oz talks about circle and triangle body types and the types of foods that you should be eating (or shouldn’t be eating).  Dr. Oz talked about how circle shaped men and women have excess body fat around the belly area.  This excess belly fat can increase your risk for certain cancers.  Dr. Oz recommends adding wasabi to your diet to lower your risk for these cancer.  Dr. Oz invited Yoshi Kojima on to the show to share Wasabi Ponzu and Wasabi Peas recipes to add to your diet.

Wasabi Lowers Cancer Risk, Meatless Mondays, and Foods By Body Type

Comfort Food Recipes – Healthy Mac and Cheese, Banana Split

Have you ever thought that you could eat mac and cheese and a banana split without all of the guilt?  Dr. Oz asked viewers to share their favorite comfort foods and dessert recipes.  Here are the macaroni and cheese, and banana split recipes that were shared on today’s December 26, 2013 episode.  All of these recipes contain much lower calories and fat that traditional recipe versions.

Healthy Banana Split and Lower Calorie Mac & Cheese Recipes

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