Dr Oz, Wayne Brady Stuttering Problem, Barbara Walters Heart Valve Surgery

Dr Oz 9-9-2013 Season Premiere : Celebrity Ailments – Wayne Brady Stuttering Problem, Barbara Walters Heart Surgery

Dr. Oz kicked of the 5th season of his hit television show as America’s favorite doctor with a bang.  They say that laughter is the best medicine so who better to invite on the show than the cast of “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.  Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and Aisha Tyler performed a hilarious improv set about health ailments.   They had the audience rolling in laughter while Dr. Oz educated the audience health ailments at the same time.  During this segment Dr. Oz also talks about health ailments that celebrities suffer from like Wayne Brady’s childhood problem with stuttering, Barbara Walters heart valve surgery, Oprah Winfrey’s hypothyroidism, and Rachael Ray’s Vocal Cord Cyst

Wayne Brady Suffered From Social Anxiety & Stuttering As A Child

You would never have guessed that Wayne Brady suffered from anxiety as a child.  In fact,  his stuttering became so severe that he developed a stuttering problem.  He said that his stuttering problem caused him to be bullied in school which made his anxiety even word.  He said that he withdrew and decided not to say anything at all because finding the right words to say was difficult.  Wayne explained to Dr. Oz that improv is what helped him overcome his stuttering and anxiety issues.  He said that improv helps him with his stuttering because you have to quickly say the first thing that pops in your head.

Celebrity Health Ailments

When you suffer from a particular health ailment you may feel alone in this world.  So, Dr. Oz played a game in which Wayne Brady was supposed to match a real ailment suffered by real life celebrities.  Here are the ailments suffered by celebrities that just may surprise you.

Oprah Winfrey – Oprah suffers from a health condition called hypothyroidism.  Oprah Winfrey believes that years of battling weight problems helped contribute to her hypothyroidism.

David Letterman – David Letterman’s health ailment that he struggled through was Shingles (which can be very painful). Dr. Oz said that the pain became so severe that Bruce Willis had to become the temporary host of the late night show while David Letterman recovered from his bout with shingles.

Dr. Oz – Wayne Brady guessed this one without any problem.  Dr. Oz suffers from excessive gas. (from eating so many fibrous foods??)

Rachael Ray – You may have noticed that Rachael Ray’s voice has a raspy sound to it.  This is attributed to a vocal cord cyst that she had.

Elisabeth Hasselback has celiac disease.  She said that she first diagnosed her disease when she was on survivor.  She noticed that when certain foods were taken away from her diet while on the reality tv show her health greatly improved!

Barbara Walters – Barbra had a heart valve surgery performed on her from Dr. Oz’s hospital.  The surgery was successful and she went back to being one of the hosts on the hit morning show, “The View”

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