Dr Oz, We Are Designed To Eat Like Jesus, Plant Based Diet

Dr. Oz Talks With A.J. Jacobs About Why We Are Designed To Eat Like Jesus Did

On today’s episode Dr. Oz talked about the diet that Jesus ate, the four Bible Food Laws, and why we are designed to eat like Jesus did back in the biblical era.  During this segment on the show Dr. Oz invited A.J. Jacobs (author of The Year of Living Biblically) on to the show to talk about his experiences and any tips that he could give his viewers.  A.J. Jacobs wanted to teach his kids about Jesus and to introduce them to religion.  A.J. used unconventional methods to say the least.  For a year A.J. stopped shaving, ate lentils, barley, and even ate insects like crickets and locusts!  A.J. and his wife were also “fruitful”, becoming the parents of twin sons during this time.

We Are Designed To Eat Like Jesus

According to Dr. Don Colbert (author of “What Would Jesus Eat?“), Jesus lived for the most part on a plant based diet.  Dr. Oz then went on to explain how our bodies were designed to eat like Jesus did during the biblical era.

Why we are designed to be plant eaters – Dr. Oz said that two thirds of the teeth in our mouth are designed to chew plant based foods.  Our jaws move up and down and side to side to eat plants, while meat eaters such as a lion (or even dogs) have jaws that only move up and down with sharper teeth.  Their jaws were also created to open very wide to attack their prey.

Our saliva contains an enzyme to break down plants – Dr. Oz said that humans have an enzyme called amylase that breaks down plants.  This is unique to humans that carnivores do not have.

Why Our Intestines Are Designed To Eat Plants

Dr. Colbert explained how our intestines are designed to digest plants.  He said that our intestines are 4 times as long as our height.  He said this is ideal for digesting plants and extracting the nutrients efficiently.  However, our intestines are not designed to digest meat as efficiently because of all the toxins that it contains.  Meat eaters are meant to eat quickly, but also to expel the meat quickly as well.  The longer digestion time, from our lengthy intestines are much better designed to digest plant based foods rather than meat.

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