Dr Oz, What Are Fecal Transplants? Can Your Stomach Explode From Eating?

Dr. Oz Answers Bizarre Questions – What Are Fecal Transplants? Can Your Stomach Blow Up? What Are The Most Dangerous Foods?

Today Dr. Oz was talking about wacky health trends like The Purple Diet and vibrating exercise machines.  During this segment Dr. Oz turns up the bizarre questions a few degrees to talk about questions like “What are fecal transplants?”, “Can your stomach blow up from overeating?”, and “Did Elvis die of constipation?”

What Are Fecal Transplants & Can They Help You?

Fecal transplants are when a doctor literally takes the feces from a healthy person and transplants the fecal matter into a person suffering from stomach ailments.  Mary Roach (author of the book Gulp) explained to Dr. Oz how the process of a fecal transplant takes place :

  • A person brings in a sample of their poop.. Using a colonoscope the feces is then inserted into a persons intestines who is suffering from a stomach problem.

Why in the world would anyone want a fecal transplant?  Dr. Oz said that fecal transplants can actually be effective because healthy bacteria is released after it is inserted into the sick persons intestines.  He also said that this is a safe procedure.  The treatment is inexpensive as well.  Would you ever consider having a fecal transplant if you were experiencing intestinal problems?

Can Your Stomach Explode From Overeating?

Mary roach said that as you eat and your stomach fills with food a signal is sent to the brain that you have had enough and are no longer hungry.  When you overeat it sends a message telling you to slow down.  If you ignore these messages and continue eating you will likely vomit so it is pretty much impossible for your stomach to explode from eating too much.

Did Elvis Die From Constipation?

Can you die from constipation?  Mary Roach and Dr. Oz talked about how stressful constipation can be on your heart.  Elvis Presley’s doctor said it is likely that constipation did play a role in his death because of the stress it put on his heart.  Dr. Oz said that your blood pressure can double if you are straining too hard while you are constipated.  This is yet another reason to be eating healthy foods that are high in fiber.

What Is The Most Dangerous Foods To Eat?

Dr. Oz asked two members of the audience to participate in a game called “500 Dollar Health Drop”.  He asked the participants to answer the health questions listed below.  If they got three correctly they were awarded 300 dollars.Which of the following foods are the most dangerous to eat?

  1. Hot dogs
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Chicken Wings

#3 is the correct answer because of the choking hazard that hot dogs possess.  This is especially true with children.

Which bodily fluid has the same digestive enzymes as what are found in laundry detergent?

  1. Stomach acid
  2. Urine
  3. Saliva

Saliva contains an enzyme that breaks down start.  Laundry detergent shares this same enzyme.

Which body part do you have 2 sets of rather than just one?

  1. Tonsils
  2. Nostrils
  3. Kidneys

You have both internal and external nostrils so the correct answer would be #2Are you a fan of Dr. Oz but unable to watch his show daily? Consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view daily show recaps and summaries.