Dr. Oz, What Color Is Your Poop? Shape Of Your Bowel Movements

Dr. Oz : What Color Is Your Poop & Other Awkward Questions Too Embarrassing To Ask

Are you a person who gets embarrassed easily?  Are some questions just too awkward to ask?  On today’s April 10, 2013 episode Dr. Oz talks about embarrassing topics like itchy butts, boob sweat, and the color and smell of your pee.  During this segment Dr. Oz takes it up a notch even higher and talks about the color of your poop.  While these topics may make you turn several different shades of red, they are very important when it comes to your health.  In fact, the color of your bowel movements may give you a signal that you could have a life threatening disease like irritable bowel syndrome, internal bleeding, or even pancreatic cancer!  So, while the topic may be a little awkward it is still a very important medical matter that is important to educate the public about.

What Kind Of “Pooper” Are You?

Do you have the perfect “S” shaped bowel movement or are you more of a “liquid” or “pellet” pooper?  Do you bother to examine your bowel movements?  If not, Dr. Oz says you should because the shape and color of your poop can reveal a lot of clues about what is going on inside of your body.

Pellet Pooper – Many people can related to being a pellet pooper.  Dr. Oz said that this is not the category that you want to fall into. This type of bowel movement usually occurs because people hold on to their poop longer than they should.  This often leads to constipation.  Another contributor to this type of bowel movement is dehydration and lack of fiber in your diet.  Drink more fluids and eat more fibrous foods to alleviate this problem.

The Perfect “S” Shaped Poop – This is ideal kind of bowel movement.  An S-Shaped poop is an indicator that you are eating a good diet and have a properly functioning digestive system.

Poop Color Chart & What The Different Colors May Mean

Listed below are 6 shades of bowel movements that people have and what diseases some could be an indicator for.

Brown – This is totally normal and the most common color that people have. Brown colored bowel movement is an indicator that your bile is being released properly and your food is being digested the way it should.

Green – This color can indicate that your food (and bile) is going through your system too fast.  Certain foods can also turn your bowel movement green as well.

Yellow – A yellow color can be an indicator that you may have gall bladder problems

White – If you notice that your poop is white you should immediately go see your doctor.  A white colored bowel movement is a symptom that people with pancreatic cancer has.

Red – If your stool is white in color it can mean that you are experiencing lower intestinal bleeding.  Hemorrhoids can also cause your poop to be this color.  Eating too many beets can give you red bowel movements as well.

Black tarry stools – A black colored stool could be a symptom that you have a stomach ulcer.  Dr. Oz said that if you have upper intestinal bleeding your digested food is coming out with blood.

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