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What Your Dreams May Be Telling You About Your Health on Dr. Oz

Today Dr. Oz invited on a dream expert (Cynthia Raymond) to talk about what your dreams may be telling you about your diet and health related issues.  Dreams can be your bodies way of sending you important messages about your health and what is happening inside your body.  Cynthia came on to the show to inform Dr. Oz’s viewers about what your dreams mean and what your body is trying to tell you.

Health Related Dreams and What Do They Mean

Cynthia Richmond told Dr. Oz that not listening to your dreams is like ignoring your subconscious mind’s attempt to tell you what may be ailing you. She compared it to ignoring your blood pressure or cholesterol.  Most of us wouldn’t ignore our blood pressure so why aren’t we listening to what our dreams are telling us.  She called dreams as our “window to our sub-conscious”.

Dreams That May Offer You A Clue About Your Health

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Health Related Dreams on Dr Oz

    • Dreams Of You In Your Kitchen – These dreams can be about the quality of food that you are consuming. It can be your body’s way of telling you need more or less of a certain kind of food.
    • Staircase – These dreams may signify the health condition of your spine
    • Bathroom – These dreams often signify a digestion isssue.
    • Roof – Often related to what’s been on your mind. Cynthia said that it may be your sub-conscious questioning who has been offering you advice or guidance.


    – Most people usually sleep in their bedroom so dreams involving your bedroom often indicate that you are having problems with your sleep.

Have You Ever Been Naked In Public During A Dream?

Cynthia Richmond said that being naked in public is a common dream that people have.  She said that this is often from feelings of shame, embarrassment, or being exposed.

Flying Dreams – Cynthia said that flying dreams comes from your sub-conscious and they are a gift from your sub-conscious as a way of an escape and to give you the feeling of freedom.  Flying dreams often happen to people who have been confined to a bed due to illness or to people that are confined to a wheelchair.

Going On A Binge

These dreams often happen to dieters.  Cynthia said that this is your sub-conscious allowing you to enjoy particular foods that aren’t on your diet.