Dr Oz, What To Eat Each Day on Fast Metabolism Diet Plan, Cookbook

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Dr. Oz Talks About The Fast Metabolism To Burn Fat

Dr. Oz invited nutritionist, Haylie Pomroy (author of The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook) on to his February 5th program to talk about how you need to boost your metabolism to burn fat 24/7.  Your metabolism can be your worst enemy or your best friend when it comes to weight loss.  It can mean the difference in getting back into your clothes that are collecting dust in the back of your closet or not. Also be sure to check out Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Plan to Lose 20 Lbs in 28 Days that was featured on Dr. Oz from a prior episode.

How To Keep Your Metabolism Turbocharged

Haylie Pomroy explained to the audience and viewers at home that you don’t need to be afraid of food or nibble like a rabbit.  You should embrace your metabolism and use it as a tool to burn fat.  Dr. Oz said that too many people make the mistake of starving themselves which actually slows down your metabolism and makes it much harder to lose weight!  He said that the key to this diet is that you get to change the foods that your eating every couple of days.  This confuses your body and your metabolism will stay high.

Fast Metabolism Guidelines “What To Eat Each Day”

Eat Carbohydrates That Relax Your Adrenals : Haylie Pomroy said that many (most) of us are under a lot of stress in our day to day lives.  She said that this stress puts added stress on our adrenal glands.  This can cause you to gain weight, especially belly or mid-section fat.  She said that you can eat carbs on the Fast Metabolism diet but they must be the kind of carbohydrates that calm down your adrenal glands.  Here are the types of foods that you should eat for each day of the metabolism boosting diet :

Monday and Tuesday

  • Eat 1 cup of whole grain carbs at every meal.  Whole grain carbs would include foods like brown rice, quinoa, or oats.
  • Eat 2 high glycemic fuit snacks on each day.  She gave the examples of mango and pineapple.
  • Squeeze lime on top of fruit.  This helps to reduce inflammation

Eat Muscle To Burn Fat and Build Muscle

After you have eaten carbs that will relax your adrenals you should eat proteins that will help your body to release fat and flush it out of your system.  You should also eat the kinds of veggies that will boost your metabolism to aid in the process.  Here are the Wednesday and Thursday guidelines that was shared on today’s show.

  • Do not eat any carbohydrates from fruits or grains on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Every meal should consist of 4 to 6 ounces of meat and as much metabolism boosting vegetables that you want.

Dr Oz: Eat Protein to Release Stored Fat

The next phase of The Fast Metabolism Diet is focused on eating a lot of protein in order to burn fat and build muscle. Once you begin to lower the stress on your body, you can begin to eat proteins that will help to release stored fat and flush it from the body. Along with the protein, you need to add in metabolism-boosting vegetables in order to burn the calories and unwanted fat.

Veggie examples that were given : Spinach, asparagus, peppers, onions

Snack examples that were given : Hard boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey jerkey, celery wrapped with smoked salmon.

Eat Healthy Fats To Burn Fat

Dr. Oz said that the last three days of the Fast Metabolism 7 Day week plan is very important.  Your body needs healthy fats in order to burn your stored fat effectively. It will boost your metabolism and provide your body important nourishment that it needs.

Friday – Sunday Diet Guidelines

  • Mix carbs, protein, and healthy fats into each meal except for lunch. This is to keep your body from becoming carb resistant.
  • Do not eat any carbs for lunch.  They suggested chicken salad as an example of what you could eat.
  • Snack options include – Almonds, celery, olives, hummus, peanut butter, guacamole.

Haylie said that following this diet plan will give you the right foods that you need to boost metabolism and help you to lose weight.  Allow your metabolism to be your friend rather than inhibit the fat burning process.

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