Dr Oz Wheat Belly Diet, Lose 15 LBs in 30 Days, Wheat Replacement Food

Dr Oz : How To Lose 15 LBs in 30 Days On The Wheat Belly Diet

How would you like to lose 15 LBs in just 30 days.  Do you know the secret could be as simple as subtracting wheat out of your diet! Today Dr. Oz invited Dr William Davis  on to the show to talk about how Frankenwheat could be poisoning you without you even realizing it.  Dr. William Davis is the author of the best selling book “Wheat Belly“.  He says that Frankenwheat just may be the biggest reason why Americans are so overweight.  He says that Frankenwheat is addictive and leads to weight gain, obesity, hypertension, cancer, ADHD, diabetes, dementia, autism, and more!  Also, learn how you can enjoy your favorite foods like cookies and bagels by following these wheat belly recipes.

Why Is Wheat Dangerous And Addictive?

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Lose 15 LBs in 30 Days on the Wheat Belly Diet

Dr. William Davis says that the wheat that we consume today is much different than the wheat that grandma and grandpa used to have.  He says that the wheat that used to be eaten was derived from a 4 feet plant.  Today the wheat is made from an 18 inch tall plant that has been genetically modified.  This is the reason why he called the wheat that we consume as “Frankenwheat”.  He says this “modern” wheat is very addictive and just makes you want to eat more. He even went as far as saying that wheat is addictive as many drugs!

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Davis why wheat is so addictive.  Dr. William Davis said that there is a protein that is unique to wheat that binds to the opiate receptors in the human brain.  This is similar in fashion to what heroine or morphine but it has a different effect..  Instead of providing the sensation of euphoria or pain relief, it stimulates appetite.  He says that wheat will make you want to consume and extra 440 calories per day, 365 days per year.  If you add this up over a years time, it is a huge amount of extra calories.  It also doesn’t make you want to eat more “healthy” foods like salmon.  It will make you want to eat more carbohydrate rich foods that will lead to weight gain.  You will want to eat more bagels, cookies, and chips.

Blood Sugar Spike Experiment

Dr. Oz did an experiment with 5 women.  Dr. Davis claims that you will receive a larger blood sugar spike from eating two whole wheat slices of bread than what  you will from eating one candy bar.  The results were shocking to Dr. Oz.  3 out of the 5 women did receive a higher blood sugar spike from eating two slices of whole wheat bread than what they did from eating a whole chocolate candy bar.

Can You Lose 15 LBs in 30 Days By Eliminating Wheat From Your Diet?

Dr. Oz asked William Davis this question and Dr. Davis responded by saying that you will see a remarkable improvement in your health as well as a reduction in your weight.

Dr. Davis said that if you eliminate wheat from your diet you will quickly lose the appetite stimulation and losing weight comes much easier than what you thought possible.

Lose 15 LBs in 30 Days Plan

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Davis who the wheat diet is best for.  He said that the wheat diet is good for everybody.. Young and old….male or female.  He says that weight loss will happen very quickly if you follow his plan.  Anyone can lose 15 pounds in just 30 days!

Steps For The 30 Day Plan

1.  Eliminate wheat cold turkey

2. Eat real foods – Return to single ingredient foods like seed, nuts, olive oil, dairy, fruit, and meat.

3. Add wheat replacements – You can still have your cookies and muffins but you need to learn what wheat replacements to add to your diet.   Wheat replacement foods include ground almond, coconut flour, shirataki noodles (also known as konjac noodles), spaghetti squash.